This past year has been a hard year for everyone. My birthday is on May 5th and I want to give back. There are so many great organizations out there but this year I am choosing A Path to Hope.
#mentalhealth is not treated by society the same way a physical illness is and that stigma has to change. Especially now.

From April 21st - May 5th, if you purchase a #Beautycounter or #CBD product from me, I will give half my commission to A Path to Hope.
To purchase a new #vacation through @JzwTravel and mention this social, I will donate $25 per vacation.

Click here for more information 
Please contact me with any questions and feel free to share with your friends! #mentalhealthawareness #community #giveback #birthdaywish
@pulte @TeamPulte can you retweet this thread to bring awareness to #mentalhealth and help #APathtoHope who is doing so much good for our town
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