My brilliant teaching assistants asked my Intro to Socio students to share some memes about sociology. The students ran with the idea. Here are some of my favourite ones. (Some are original and others are copied, but all are pretty hilarious especially for sociology geeks!) 1
Some memes about studying sociology in general. 2
More on sociology in general. 3
Even more on sociology in general. 4
And yet more on sociology in general. 5
One of my favourites by a student, Ali Murad, on what to do with this knowledge. 6
Lots and lots of memes about Marx and capitalism! 7
More on Marx and capitalism. 8
On sociology's 'holy trinity', Marx, Weber and Durkheim. 9
Iqra Imran emerged as a star meme-maker. Here are some of her contributions on Marxism. @notanoob_ 10
They went back to our first session and found memes on the great C. Wright Mills. 11
They obviously picked up on my feelings about functionalism. 12
We didn't spend much time on Foucault, but unko bhee ney chora. 13
And how can we forget Pierre Bourdieu?! 14
My lecture on love being a social construct obviously made an impression! 15
Hilarious ones by Shanze Khalid and Sharmeen Ghazanfar on love as a social construct. 16
Lots of great content on gender and feminism. (They are my students after all.) 17
Faizan Attique had some great contributions on Marx and the founding fathers that I should have shared earlier in the thread. 18
Jibran Irfan on the jazbaat of new socio students. 19
This has to be one of my favourite ones by Reza Khan. So good! 20
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