Boko Haram started off by attacking police stations,a plan to establish an Islamic state and it had popular support in the North East.

10 years+ later, there is no Islamic State but the NE has been totally destroyed

We are experiencing the same thing with ESN in the South East.
The only difference is that ESN is not fighting a religious war. This is a war of "Nationalism" against the Nigerian state.

Weekly attack is being carried out on police stations,criminals released to join the "cause."

And guess what? It has popular support in the South East.
A similar fate will befall the South East. I don't see Biafra being actualized in the near future, just like the Islamic state continues to remain a dream.

But South East will be destroyed, thousands (if not millions) will be killed and displaced just like the North East.
And who will suffer it? The common man in the South East who continues to support the ESN and their "cause."

The South Eastern elites will capitalise on the crisis to become richer via Military contracts and supplies for the IDP camps that will spring up in the region.
Nigeria is not a perfect country at all, Buhari has worsened it. The SE continues to be marginalized (persecuted) just like the rest of us "non elites."

But plunging the region into an insurgency war for independence is not the quick solution most people believe it is.
It will only leave death and destruction in its wake just like what we've experienced in the NE for the last 10 years+.

I hope there is another solution. Because this war a lot of you want to fight is not the war. Ask those who have experienced war before.
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