It is bland ecological platitudes day.

Expect bland ecological platitudes...

But no explanation about what organising the world around bland ecological platitudes actually means.

They will say "future generations...".

But they won't tell you what degree of sacrifice you're expected to make for 'future generations', nor what kind of thinking they have used to find a 'balance' between people who exist and people who do not exist. You don't get a say.
They will say "sustainable/sustainability" a lot. But they won't be able to say what burden making everything 'sustainable' means for you. Because if you object to vague waffle about 'sustainability' that means you want things to be unsustainable, right? And that's crazy!
They will use words like "our" and "we" a lot... "...our planet...", "... we must...".

But they can show no evidence of domestic popular support for their global agenda.

Instead, they are the 'leaders' of increasingly divided nations.

Aside from the superficial optimism about how wonderful the green agenda is, and how it will bring light, truth, harmony and happiness into the world, they will say that failure to create this Utopia creates unprecedented risks...
But they will not acknowledge the risks of their own political agenda: deindustrialisation, economic stagnation/depression, ordinary people's increasing dependence on the state, falling living standards, green neo-feudalism unleashing a political backlash...
And they will not be able to present any tangible evidence that the risks have grown. Poverty, communicable diseases, infant mortality, levels of education, access to safe water & electricity -- all these things have improved vastly. But they want to reverse that progress.
Why? The green agenda that #EarthDay promotes is a compact between elements of a growing, established, but deeply degenerate political class, to secure their own interests against democracy. ...
They are billionaires whose faith in capitalism's ability to improve the world has been exhausted. They are corporations, banks & hedge funds whose business models depend on monopolies.
They are low-grade academics who think they know better about how society should be organised & our lives managed than we do. Don't you dare argue with their spreadsheets.

They are global single-issue NGOs and think-tanks funded by governments and billionaires, with very little public support, to act as and dominate 'civil society' -- a puppet show to diminish the voter's role in public life and politics.
They are governments, mostly of western, industrialised, advanced nominally capitalist economies who are characteristically out of touch with their domestic populations, who gained power without offering their publics anything original or different, in only superficial elections.
They are remote and unchallengeable supranational agencies, whose founding purposes are lost in time. The World Bank and IMF, UN bodies. They sit above national democracies, but their legitimacy and agenda has no test. But they seek to dissolve national sovereignty all the same.
So what is #earthDay ?

It's a fig leaf. It is not unlike the way tyrants organise huge military parades to demonstrate national unity. But beneath the spectacle lies the dark, political reality: different fiefdoms seeking political power in their own interests - but not ours.
If the green agenda were to dissolve tomorrow, nobody would notice, nobody would care. People's lives would carry on improving, without the useless bloated bureaucracies hanging over them.

But the green agenda is about the inflation of that bureaucracy.

One day, it will pop.
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