1/. QUESTION: Would you buy grapes that were individually wrapped in plastic?
#EarthDay #EarthDay2021 #ClimateAction #plasticpollution #ClimateLeadersSummit
2/. You’d probably be outraged, like my friend Diane was! #EarthDay

The ‘individually wrapped grapes’ in the video aren’t real...

But this footage from Haiti is...

And so was Diane’s reaction...

And so too was the outrage you perhaps felt....

It’s time to channel that outrage into action. #EarthDay
4/. Are individually plastic-wrapped grapes really that much worse than the other fruit & veg we see in wrapped in pointless plastic every day?

Plastic can sometimes reduce food waste, but wrapping bananas?!!

(P.S. The passion fruit wrapped in plastic in the footage 👆are real)
5/. We cannot plead ignorance

We can no longer afford apathy

In the UK, each of us discards about 100kg of plastic per year

There’s a ‘trash vortex' / ‘plastic soup’ the size of Texas in the Pacific where there are 6 kilos of plastic for every kilo of plankton. #EarthDay @AOC
6/. Before #COVID19 hit, it felt like the world was starting to wake up to the harm of plastics

But the last year, has seen an explosion in single use plastic combatting coronavirus

Millions of masks & gloves end up in our oceans
@GelarehDarabi #EarthDay
7/. Plastics swallowed by marine mammals, seabirds & fish clog their digestive system causing them to starve

Millions die each year

An autopsy on one whale revealed 88lbs of plastic in its stomach: almost equivalent to a whole @ArianaGrande! #EarthDay
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