. @elonmusk’s incited, financially motivated, @Tesla @Twitter Branding arm, @WholeMarsBlog, Omar Qazi, doesn't "report", he replicates Musk's false safety & advertising claims to evade federal regulators, FOR Musk.
Language to expose injury-causing @Tesla solar fraud done to my family, can't be flipped to make the abusers the victims, by design. A point @ElonMusk & his incited to attack consumer, Third-Party branding arm @WholeMarsBlog make on this thread.
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@Tesla CEO'
@elonmusk’s incited @WholeMarsBlog threatens, insults and demeans an injured #TeslaSolarIssues consumer, FOR Musk, on Twitter.
Suppression of negative truthful info exposing @Tesla injury-causing #SolarIssues happens via @Twitter shadowbans starting in 2019 FOR @elonmusk

Musk & incited Third-Party Omar Qazi are not victims.
A family of 7 living w black mold b/c of Tesla unsafe products are victims.
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