Congrats @AusAmbCyberTech on 🇦🇺’s new #Cyber & #CriticalTech Strategy 👏

At the launch, FM @MarisePayne announced 🇦🇺’s co-sponsorship of the #UNCyberPOA proposal & urged all countries to conclude the #UNCyberGGE in the same spirit of good faith as we did the #UNCyberOEWG

. @MarisePayne: “Australia is committed to promoting common understandings of the framework of responsible state behaviour in cyberspace – the core aim of UN discussions on these issues.”

. @MarisePayne “Last month, after two years of negotiation, the UN open-ended group on cyber, the OEWG, resolved, by universal affirmation, by every UN member state, that existing international law and agreed norms apply to state conduct in cyberspace.”

. @MarisePayne “We shouldn't be deceived by the simplicity of this banishes the notion that cyberspace is the Wild West. It establishes in cyberspace a framework, binding at international law, against which countries can be held accountable for their actions.”

. @MarisePayne “We don't take this commitment lightly. We act and we'll continue to act in accordance with our obligations under international law and consistent with the agreed norms of responsible behaviour in cyberspace.”

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