Explosion heard near Dimona #nuclear reactor in #Israel. Sirens alerting to rocket attacks heard in the southern part of the country.
No rockets were fired from Gaza that triggered the sirens, according to Israeli Army radio. https://twitter.com/GLZRadio/status/1385007977778843648?s=20
#Israel recently bolstered its air defenses in the vicinity of the Dimona #nuclear reactor and the port of Eilat amid fears of a possible long-range missile or drone attack by #Iran-backed forces.
Meanwhile, the Saudi-led coalition has reportedly destroyed a Houthi-launched drone that targeted #KSA.
Blast near Dimona nuclear reactor caused by an anti-aircraft missile from #Syria that overflew its target, according to @GLZRadio ( #Israel Army broadcaster). https://twitter.com/TsahiDaboush/status/1385017404984549378?s=20
The surface-to-air missile from #Syria landed in southern #Israel, according to the Israeli military.
#Israel military says it's retaliating by attacking missile batteries in #Syria.
Errant Syrian missile was "not even close" to striking the Dimona nuclear reactor, according to an Israeli military spokesman.
State news agency reports #Syria has responded to "Israeli aggression" with missiles in the vicinity of Damascus. https://twitter.com/SanaAjel/status/1385025941970247682?s=20
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