At #LeadersClimateSummit, Bolsonaro is expected to pledge his commitment to climate action. These will be nothing more than empty promises until his government takes action to revert the damage its policies have caused to the Amazon. Here are 10 urgent actions it could take: 1/11
#1 Convene relevant federal and state authorities to elaborate an effective plan to hold accountable the mafias driving deforestation and violence against defenders in the Amazon

#2 Immediately resume the demarcation of Indigenous territories and revoke rules that threaten Indigenous rights and territories

#3 Remove trespassers, including illegal miners, from Munduruku, Yanomami and other Indigenous territories

#4 Elaborate a plan to allocate undesignated public forests in the Amazon as protected areas

#5 Elaborate a plan to restore the capacity of IBAMA, ICMBio and FUNAI, with adequate resources to replenish their budgets and staff

📸Vinicius Mendonça/Ibama via AP

#6 Reverse IBAMA’s dangerous rollback of timber export rules

#7 Implement a realistic plan to deal with the enormous accumulation of unpaid environmental fines, in line with concerns expressed by IBAMA agents

#8 Publicly acknowledge the authority of environmental agents to destroy equipment used in illegal mining and logging

#9 Withdraw support from legislative proposals that could accelerate the destruction of the Amazon and threaten its residents, such as laws that would enable land grabbing, relax environmental licensing and allow mining in Indigenous territories
#10 Restore meaningful participation of civil society in the elaboration of environmental policies, including in CONAMA and the Amazon Fund Steering Committee
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