A short thread on why UD sets a celestial standard in providing good content for consumers and fans and why it remains one of THE brands for us 🤧 we can never thank you enough UD @UDLovesMewGulf #WaanjaiWillMissUD
It all started with a public event on 1 february 2020, the crowd was massive that day, we’ll never forget how mew sent a flying kiss for gulf before leaving for another sched 🤧🤧🤧
The live on 20 july was very comforting, the host was very soft spoken, the games were enjoyable and they actually did a surprise for mew by having p’stamp sing for them 🥺 they also brought in gifts from fans
On 23 august they rly brought in p’stamp to have a mini concert with them like how wholesome is that? You can tell how happy they were especially mew i mean its his favorite idol😭😭😭 and p’stamp basically became a waanjai that day
how splendid this was, UD knew we’d been waiting for gupi to play soccer w mew n they accommodated just that, invited mildkaownah to spice it up cz we said it’d be fun w no host, invited AGAIN one of their fav idols lipta n even brought mewgulf on an actual date at the aquarium😭
1 february 21- A beautiful way to end the promotion by having a mini festival this time with gupi’s favorite band polycat 🥺🥺 they invited mild again to be the host cause no live would be fun without besties like even run appeared in the vlog 😭
You can see how UD tried very hard to accommodate mewgulf and fans, learned their interests, what they wanted to do together, what fans wanted to see them do together, this is why memories with UD will forever be engraved in our heart TT now i just wish they would reactivate 😭
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