Harvey Milk is of course the most famous/consequential victim. But Dan White, ex-cop and city Supervisor, also killed Mayor Moscone. Diane Feinstein, prez of board of Supes, had to tell the city of their deaths, and immediate start her new job as acting mayor.

So anyway...yeah. https://twitter.com/travisakers/status/1384882691838025732
Aside from everything else, Dan White killing fellow city supervisor and the mayor is a horrific act of workplace violence. cool cool
"As President of the Board of Supervisors, it's my duty to make this announcement. Both Mayor Moscone and Supervisor Harvey Milk have been shot and killed. The suspect is Supervisor Dan White." --Diane Feinstein, who found both bodies, telling the city:
Here is Feinstein at the head of the famous candle light march to honor Milk:
Front page of Chronicle, November 28, 1978:
High school seniors put a lot of dumb shit on their yearbook pages. But how many honor a political assassin? Of the town in which they were born?
Dan White assassinated Milk and Moscone a few days after news of Jonestown broke. As the People's Temple was a Bay Area church/cult, most victims were locals. Including Congressman Ryan, who along with aide @RepSpeier, went on a fact-finding trip to Guyana. She was left for dead
Dan White was mad at Milk and Moscone for any number of reasons, but a proximate one was that a group home was going to be put in his district. NIMBY!

White then went on to be the only Board of Supervisors to vote against the landmark gay-rights legislation that Milk pushed.
Dan White's lawyers argued that he had "diminished capacity" (falsely reported as the Twinkie defense) and he was thus only found guilty of 2nd degree manslaughter.
Outrage over White's weak-ass sentnece led to the "White Night Riots" (started with property damage, mostly to police cars), followed by cops storming the Castro, beating gays and anyone else, really
So: ex-cop, outraged at NIMBY issues and diversifying city and power structure kills a civil rights hero and mayor, then claims insanity, gets greatly reduced sentence, prompting outrage which prompts cops to beat up gay men and trash their neighborhood.

Sounds about (Dan) White
That Dan White and the cops who besieged the Castro felt entitled to pillage and kill those who threatened the control that they'd held over the city OF COURSE would make them heroes to Tucker and his fan club.

It's the exact same dynamic as now.
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