Ready to help trans folks?
Specifically trans kids?
Check out this thread for infographics from transathlete to see what to do in *4 STATES*!!

Takes 5 min if only e-mailing, takes 15 min if calling AND e-mailing! Simple!
(Toolkit links w/ scripts ITT)
Alabama kit:
(call script is wrong, follow writing script for ideas)

Florida kit: 
(contact BOTH the Gov and Sen)
North Dakota kit:

West Virginia kit: 

HELP OTHERS TAKE ACTION: Request that 3 of your friends take action for all four states today. Let them know how easy it is, time yourself and tell them how fast you did it! TRANS RIGHTS!
This is a LOT to CC, so please, if you need CC contact me in DM and I can provide personal CC to any of these images to help out. Clicking the Toolkit link will give you a rundown though per state too. Thanks for understanding.
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