Good on you @JaneCaro! You're not the only one who is furious about this issue.

I am a 50yo woman who is functionally homeless (couch surfing at the moment) and there is a long list of housing affordability issues that need to be addressed on top of JobSeeker's inadequacy.
I should add, for full disclosure, that I am a disabled, unemployed trans woman who has serious occupational trauma as a result of undiagnosed ADHD. I'm screwed seven ways from Sunday getting a job I can cope with, if at all.
My 22 years in enterprise IT is worthless thanks to process changes and the toxicity of IT in general. IT in Australia is especially horrible because we are so conservative in R&D/renovation spending, and moving from the tech side to management is basically a closed shop.
Oh... One quick final thing. I'm on the lowest level of capability JobSeeker can support disability wise. If I apply for a job and am offered it, I have to take it. As of next month I go from 12 applications/mth (pre COVID) to 15.
It's not the applying that's the problem. It's the fact that I struggle to find 5 job ads that can work around my disabilities to can apply for each month, let alone 15. These tossers in Canberra don't get it - LNP _or_ ALP.

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