The climate crisis is the largest threat to children's rights across borders and generations.

As @POTUS prepares to host the #LeadersClimateSummit this #EarthDay , @SavetheChildren is calling on world leaders to take the following urgent actions ⬇️
1⃣ Acknowledge that the climate crisis is a child rights crisis that affects children first and worst.

Children and their rights must be at the center of climate discussions and commitments. Kids contributed the least to this crisis, but will pay the highest price.
2⃣ Increase climate finance, particularly for adaptation, with a specific focus on children in poorer countries.

Without substantial increases in financing, climate commitments will be empty promises for the millions of kids impacted by the climate crisis.
3⃣ Children and their best interests must be at the heart of solutions to the climate crisis.

Governments need to set up child-friendly mechanisms and platforms to include children’s recommendations in climate policies, including the most vulnerable children.
4⃣ Recognize the power of children’s voices, activism and leadership.

Children are leading the way on climate change through a truly global movement. They must be listened to and governments must take action on what children tell them.
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