THREAD: My first term as the chair of the Democratic Party of Wisconsin concludes this June. I’m running for another term, alongside Vice Chairs @LadyHawkeLesia & @SnodgrassforWI. This thread lays out our values, our record, and our plan for what’s next: BADGER. Let's do this.
In 2019, First Vice Chair (and Milwaukee County Supervisor) Felesia Martin @LadyHawkeLesia and Second Vice Chair (and now State Rep) Lee Snodgrass @SnodgrassforWI and I ran together on a ticket. We’ve worked together every step of the way ever since.
Our platform—and the core of our political value system—spelled out FIRE: Fight, Include, Respect, & Empower.
An homage to, and expansion of, the Obama campaign’s REI mantra, adding in the Fight.
The FIRE values have informed every aspect of our @WisDems work for the last two years. Particular fights change; values endure. FIRE keeps burning. For the last two years, as I laid out in 2019, our five big fights spelled out WISCO:
W meant Win the spring Supreme Court election—and use it as a dress rehearsal for the fall. 3.5 weeks before that election, COVID hit. This thread tells the story of that wrenching, hyperintense period—ending in a 10pt landslide for @ @judgekarofsky.
So many folks were involved in that spring election to elect Jill Karofsky to our state Supreme Court. This thread names some of them—and you can see some of the stories vividly recounted in the @RehearsalDoc short film.
The I in WISCO stood for “Inspire, recruit, and train thousands of volunteers at the Democratic National Convention.” We partnered with @arenasummit, @demconvention, and @teamjoe to run Campaign Academy 2020—and train 18,000 volunteers. 
S stood for Save The Veto. Goal: work with @GovEvers, @assemblydemswi, and @wisenatedems to prevent Wisconsin’s Republicans from winning supermajorities in the state legislature via their ultra-gerrymandered districts. Success! 
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