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In 2020 after the pandemic hit the world, the US govt gave away $11 Billion (INR 83,000 Crore) to 8 large, private pharmaceutical companies for research, development & production of vaccines.

[Read about "Operation Warp Speed"]

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Under Operation Warp Speed, the $ 11 Billion funded to these companies was taxpayers' money given to the 8 companies so that none of the large pharmaceutical companies face slightest of hurdles in research and mass production of vaccine.

Every private company had unlimited access to funds for developing & manufacturing the best vaccine for every American.
Among these, 3 companies have been unsuccessful in producing the vaccine, including Glaxo-Smithkline, which received about US$ 2.5 Billion (INR 18840 Cr)

Not a single US politician or the public cried foul when such a massive taxpayers' amount was distributed to private companies cz the Americans know the importance of industry and how strong, powerful and advanced industry sector is the only solution to any problem.

Here, politics has already begun on Government of India paying only INR 4500 Cr to SII & Bharat Biotech for scaling up vaccine production. As usual, Congress, Left and other socialist parties are instigating people that their money is being taken and distributed to the rich.

After instigating people that government is taking their money and giving it to the rich industrialist, they question why India doesn't have the ease, availability and production of vaccine like the USA?

Socialism and anti-industry sentiments only bring misery.

If USA (or western Europe) is successful and technologically/scientifically superior in every field, it is because they provide every possible support to industry - financial, freedom from bureaucratic hurdles, protection from extortion and a national sentiment of pro-industry.
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