#KenneyGov is deliberately moving bars around with vaccination to piss you off, Alberta. /1

#ableg #abpoli #cdnpoli
The plan is that availability will start on Tuesday, April 20. Again, nothing bad here, except literally nothing on the AHS website gets updated to clarify what's happening, no, that waits until Monday evening. /3
Monday evening, the following announcement gets posted to Twitter. (and more irritatingly, absolutely no mention of this change on the AHS website). /4
"Well, I can just go to one of the pharmacies and do a walk-in there, right?" ...

Nope ... every nearby (to Southport Rd) pharmacy doing walk-ins for AZ stopped accepting them on Tuesday morning. I know - because I checked them all. /5
Then, by 11AM (bear in mind they didn't open until 9), we get this message on Tuesday morning:

Oh - look - they've limited the number of walk-ins available - without telling anybody that's what they were doing. /6
Again, to this point, nothing on the AHS website talked about limiting supply for walk-ins, nor was there any communication that policy had changed at the pharmacies. /7
If this is starting to look like an epic gong show organizationally, you're correct - it is.

This your provincial government playing games to make it harder to get vaccinated so they can "score" a political point or two. /8
They're making it harder to access vaccination so they can argue that they had to do it "because Trudeau failed to procure supply". While the number doses being delivered vastly exceeds the number being consumed. /9

... and notably, while Dr. Hinshaw publishes the grimoire statistics of illness and death, we only get a vague "limited supply" number which tells us nothing about how many vaccinations actually happened in the day (or even the last week). /10
Kenney, along with the other conservative premiers, thinks he's got a lovely weapon he can use to attack Trudeau - especially if a spring election is triggered. /11
He wants you to get angry so you'll be receptive to the idea that the monumental fuck-ups are actually Ottawa's fault, not his. Meanwhile, the instructions to AHS are clearly designed to disrupt both AHS's normal program management and keep the organization off balance. /12
Kenney doesn't give a damn about you as an Albertan - he couldn't care less. This is all about his petty little vendetta over losing the 2015 election to Trudeau.

Want to get mad at this? Go ahead, but direct your ire at Kenney, Shandro, and the rest of the UCP. /13 ~fin~
[PS1]: ... although on a different subject, consider the following exchange in the legislature to get a sense of how Kenney feels about everyday Albertans:
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