This year was such a difficult year. Nevertheless, I did my absolute best as welfare officer.

Within only a day I secured refunds from Corrib & Goldcrest which saved thousands of euros for students’ families who paid for unused accommodation
I made sure that Shannon campus would avail of €7,000 funding for their counselling service. Women students there didn’t feel comfortable discussing some issues with the counsellor as they only had 1 man.
I facilitated active* consent training during shag week and trained 100 students in suicide prevention and anti racism training
I set up the first ever “Sustainability Mondays” campaign, organised beach clean ups, launched the 2020/2021 sustainability working group and submitted proposals to Galway City Council on things such as more greenways and more bins
I secured REPEAT FEE WAIVERS for every recipient of SUSI and the financial aid fund in NUIG from here on! NUIG have the highest % of susi recipients in the country
I changed the name of SU council to Comhairle CML, I organised 4 weeks of Seachtain na Gaeilge online, I completed the Bonn na Gaeilge scheme, I built a relationship with Cumann Gaelach, I had at least 1 event of themed weeks trí Ghaeilge, personally provided the SU w email signs
I spoke nationally on the need for awareness around eating disorders and organised multiple education sessions on body image and body confidence. I have ensured all staff will have suicide prevention training
I organised 2 SHAG weeks which got shortlisted for the welfare campaign of the year award. Within this I held workshops on Image Based Sexual Abuse and I am closely involved with the national campaign
I facilitated period poverty training for the executive team and provided free period products in the library bathrooms. I also launched a postal service for free period products, pregnancy tests and condoms
I represented students on the Accessibility Steering Committee and secured an extra seat for the SU disability rights officer. I worked with the DSS, reiterated that online learning must remain an option for those who need it and welcomed funding for sensory rooms
I set up a confidential clinic between NUIGSU members and COPE Galway for victims of abuse - that includes anyone in unsafe and toxic home environments
I marked harm reduction day and spoke on drug and alcohol awareness panels. I undertook and organised alcohol prevention and drug harm reduction training for students
I personally organised care packages for students in hardship when I was just first year and gave them to 200 students. I have organised for care packages to be sent out during exam season this year
I camped out in the quad day and night in the freezing cold Galway rain to fight back against the 4% increase and it was successful! Student movements effect deal change. With me it’s action and not words
If you are undecided on your vote, please watch hustings, read my manifesto, reach out to me in my DMs. I am so passionate about student welfare and making education accessible for all. That’s the type of president we need. I will fight for you. I will represent the student voice
I am trained in rape crisis disclosure, intimate relationship abuse disclosure, mental health first aid, disability support, active consent, anti racism, period poverty, students in distress, lgbt+ ally training, suicide prevention. I have media and campaign experience.
I met with every single Galway TD, encouraged them to sign the #EducationForAll pledge, and lobbied them relentlessly on student accommodation refunds. I also lobbied them to pay student nurses and midwives.
I am asking you to once again put your faith in me tomorrow on the ballot paper. The inequalities in higher education have always existed and we need someone willing to fight to end them. Someone with experience.
We cannot afford to spend 2 months training a candidate with little to no experience in campaigning and in the structures, this year is too important for students. Students were completely left in the dark this year.
Look at the work I have already put in for students. I have worked tirelessly & put my everything into trying to make this awful year as bearable as possible. Yet there is still so much I want to do.

Please, vote Róisín #1 tomorrow & tell all of your friends to too. #NUIGSU21
If I am not getting your #1 vote, I ask that you take into account the work that I have put in this year and that you consider me for your #2
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