My "Easy-Breezy Millennial" Timeline

Age 1: 1st recession, 1st Iraq War

8: 1st impeachment

9: Columbine

12: 2nd recession, 9/11, Afghanistan War

13: 2nd Iraq War

15: Katrina

18: 3rd recession

26: 2016

29: 2nd impeachment

30: 4th recession, 3rd impeachment, 1st pandemic
I left out a lot of mass shootings that had a major effect on me (like Pulse, Charleston, Sandy Hook) and terrifying events (Charlottesville) as well as the fact that adults spent all of 1999 scaring the $#!+ making 9 and 10-year-old me think Armageddon was imminent.
Oh, and there's the fact that the first election I remember was 2000, which was a great introduction to civic participation and faith that our democracy is stable and the system works.

And then personal experiences—like a neighbor possibly being lynched in his yard when I was 9.
And apparently I'm actually on my 2nd pandemic; didn't realize there was an influenza pandemic in 1989 (thanks, @jallen1985).

But my 1st once-in-100-years-pandemic.
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