Remember when Nelson blew the whistle that Russia was inside Florida’s voter registration system, & Rick Scott implied he was crazy, but Nelson was right & then Scott defied the polls to win the race after an unusually high number of mail ballots in South FL weren’t returned? 1/
4/ In Broward, the senate race was also placed in a bizarre location beneath the instructions. But this does not explain how DeSantis also defied the polls to win the governorship.
10/ Nelson was right, & Scott was wrong. The FBI under Chris Wray had decided to conceal the hacking from the public and even state election officials. Mueller finally confirmed it.
12/ Florida also uses ES&S scanners in many of its counties. ES&S may have been the voting machine vendor scanned by Russia, as I explain here.
13/ Florida also quietly allowed ES&S to install wireless modems in its precinct ballot scanners beginning in 2015. h/t @SwissTriple_M
15/ I don’t know what the Senate Intelligence Report meant by “scanned.” But Jeh Johnson (Secretary of Homeland Security under Obama), told the author of the book Rigged that, as a general matter, “If you could scan it, if you could probe it, you could alter it.”
17/ Yes, there was a recount of the Senate race, but it was a sham due to Florida’s sham recount law. Weird how the Republican-led state legislature hasn’t moved to fix this...
18/ “[T]he method Florida uses to conduct election recounts is not a true recount of voter ballots, but simply a rescan of ballots through the same machines that initially counted them.”
19/ “If problems with the software — either through glitches or hacking — produced faulty results the first time, they will reproduce the same faulty results during a rescan.”
20/ “Dan McCrea, president of Florida Voters Foundation, calls it a “faith-based” rather than “evidence-based” election. ‘[Election officials] just sort of trust the machines, trust the vendors, trust insiders,” he says,’ and we shouldn’t have to [do that].’”
21/ According to @SEGreenhalgh, there were voter registration system anomalies or other problems in Florida (and numerous other states) in 2018.
22/ Too many states are not acting to protect their elections. It’s why we still need the #SAFEAct election-security bill, which would at least protect federal races by, among other things, banning wireless modems and requiring robust manual audits for all federal races.
23/ We also need a federal law requiring public disclosure of election-system breaches unless such disclosure would impede an active investigation. #Transparency #Accountability
32/ in February 2018, the Center for American Progress gave Florida an F grade on the issue of election security.
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