They let these "groups" terrorize and burn cities, encourage them to do so while screaming, "defund the police".
This is deliberate.
Raise crime, officers quit, crying goes up more officers quit. This is a way to "defund the police" through attrition. New officers are not being
Hired to replace those who have left. Eventually there won't be any. That's what they want. And they don't care if officers are injured or killed in the process. That just means it will speed up the process and they will get what they want sooner.
Then they will call for federal investigation into the problem. Then they will call for federal oversight, then Federal intervention, then federal police. Their KGB/Gestapo. And that's what they want, national Police Force loyal only to them. 🙏🙏
Just imagine a greatly enlarged FB-I under something like Wray,
Replacing your local police. Enforcing only the federal laws they want and ignoring state laws state rights all together. Because the poor decisions made by States led to this. That's how they'll frame it,
States constantly made bad decisions, so the feds have to step in, you should be grateful they are there at all.🤢🤢
This is why I'm mad Max and other elected officials can say what they want and encourage violence, while still other officials do nothing but talk. Because it's part of their plan and they all want that. More power for them. The law/constitution does not apply to them 🙏🙏🙏
Every time I see these "leaders" threatening more violence if they don't get what they want, supported and encouraged by our "elected officials", all I can think is, "Obama finally got his civilian army" that he announced 🙏🙏🙏
Just a quick update:
Baltimore: Kweisi Mfume is pushing for NOi,(nation of islam) "security officers" to be deputized in order to replace the severe shortage of police officers. NOi, filled with bLM members, initially in specific neighborhoods, then everywhere. Is your city next?
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