“Jane Austen’s teapot”


Why the row about the @nationaltrust & “woke” is absurd.

The Georgians were not only consumed with woke subjects - they pioneered boycotts, woke slogans & even woke merchandise.

“Being woke” is nothing new.
It’s English history.

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From the mid 1760s on, that epitome of refined old world English conservative style Wedgwood started producing teapots.
But not just any old teapots.

But “Woke teapots”.

Teapots that would show you cared about the ills of the world & the suffering of those less fortunate.

These “Georgian woke teapots” were chosen for an explicit reason.

Tea was a refined social event.
An event that women - who were deemed naturally more sympathetic - had some power.
Women - refined women - could show their commitment to ending suffering.

It was political.

And the suffering was slavery.
And why did this involve middle class ladies drinking tea?

Because tea drinking often involved sugar - both in the drink and on the accompanying food.

Or as woke Georgians called it “blood sugar”..

This woke tea drinking movement would have been absolutely known to Jane Austen, being born in 1775, she would have lived through the high point.

And like many women might have used merchandise to show her ethical consumerism.

And just like the woke of today these high minded Georgian ladies encountered their own “anti woke” culture warriors - the Laurence Fox or Nigel Farage of the 18th century if you like.

And what did they do..?

Have a guess...

Yes they designed, made and purchased pro-slavery tea sets and dining ware in order to “troll” those they considered woke.

Trolling the woke is thus nothing new in England...it’s also at least as old as a Georgian tea set.

So the next time people whip up a storm about “modern wokeness” being “shoehorned into history” tell them that woke is as english as Jane Austen’s afternoon tea..

..& they don’t know their own history so perhaps, just perhaps, the @nationaltrust should help them here.

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