Accountability is part of Justice, but it's not the totality of Justice. Repentance, restoration, recreation are involved as well. Some parts are only possible for God--but as we pursue justice to our abilities, we are doing something pleasing to God & beneficial to neighbours.
As people see the limitations of the criminal justice system, it becomes more and more obvious that we cannot simply leave justice in the hands of the government, or understand justice as something coextensive with the decision of a judge or jury. Justice is bigger than that.
As Christians, we understand justice to be an expression of God's own perfect, unchanging nature. We can't cede the practice and pursuit of justice entirely to the government.
The prerogative of punishing certain crimes lies with the government, to be sure, but other forms of accountability are possible. And restoration and repentance are two areas where the church can be leading and setting an example.
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