I spend a lot of time criticising Marxists so Anarchists can get it too now.

This is a perfect example of the types of Eurocentric chauvinism which generalises concepts, analyses and forms of praxis onto people’s & places that Robinson goes lengths to dismantle.
What does this person know about Palestinian culture? Or agriculture & the importance of صمود (samud) & Olive Growing? Or how communal property relations function?

I’ve seen Anarchists make similar arguments toward the EZLN & Indigenous nations in Turtle Island too.
Placing frameworks of European theory & praxis onto people’s & places with no regard for the particularities of culture, ideology, history & stating “only by doing this” will a people achieve liberation, is a form of colonial paternalism that we should be have no time for.
Effectively, what I am saying is, universal political theories of praxis & revolution are inherently bound up with the coloniality of power & speak over the ppl’s they claim to represent.

I’m reminded of Cesaire’s words that “Communism should serve black peoples” not vice versa.
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