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Investing Knowledge I wish I'd have at a younger age.
1) Patience

You're doing yourself a disservice in investing IF you cannot mentally handle a market dip.

You won't lose money in the dip if you don't sell in the dip.
2) Stock Picking

If you're going to invest in single stocks (which I don't do much of), you should have the HIGHEST conviction.

If you're not prepared to see that stock drop 30% tomorrow and still feel confident in that company, I would recommend you don't buy.
3) Diversification

Diversification (index funds, ETFs, Mutual Funds), helps capture the broader market, and reduces your risk of 5% return on a stock pick vs. a 10% overall market average, for example.

For most investors doing it themselves, this is best.
4) Time Horizon

Just 2 of the last 11 decades have averaged a negative S&P 500 return. 2!

If you invest for multiple decades, with a long term mindset, your chances of success go up DRASTICALLY!
5) No FOMO

Investment fads will come and go. You'll almost pick that stock/fund that then goes up 5x, or more.

I sold #GME 3 months before it erupted. And you know what? I'm at peace with it. Emotions will lead to you irrationally making bad changes to your strategy.
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