Do not underestimate the momentum behind the #HighIntensityNetwork's SIM "model of care".

This is shown by the enthusiasm with which some #mentalhealth trusts have embraced a ready-made solution for controlling patients they don't like, despite its lack of any evidence base.
Where the #HighIntensityNetwork SIM "model of care" is vulnerable to challenge is on its evidence base.

Where is it?

Nobody's seen it.

There's nothing in the public domain which is independent or peer-reviewed.

Does an evidence base even exist for HIN /SIM?
Where is the corroborating evidence for the bold claims made for SIM?

Can any of the stats or factual claims be cross-checked?

Has any of the clinical data been independently assessed?

Something so important can't just be taken on trust.

Please read this thread on why it is so important that there is a robust evidence base for the #HighIntensityNetwork SIM "model of care" >
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