@adarpoonawalla a few questions please.
1.What is the break even price of #Covishield?
2.If you can supply to Centre at 150 a dose (presumably not at a loss) why is it 400 for State Governments?
3. While no one grudges you a fair profit would it be fair to exploit the crisis?
4.State Govt who pay 400 to you per dose will now need to cut some other public service to fund this. That is not your problem but does this not affect you in any way?
5. Would you be willing to transfer technology of #Covishield to Govt plants so that they can manufacture too?
You have the opportunity of being a saviour and a hero to every man, woman and child in this country. Or you can be just another rich businessman who sucked the blood of the people. I hope that you will choose wisely. #COVIDEmergency #Covid #COVID19India #Covid19
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