Guys please share it asap if possible.
This is for Ahmedabad only. Hence, it is in Gujarati.
This is specifically for Indore.
These ones are for Mumbai.
For Kolkata.
The followed are for Delhi regarding different services from Ambulance to Remedesvir to Tocilizumab to Oxygen Cylinders to Testing.
The followed are for Delhi regarding different services from Ambulance to Remedesvir to Tocilizumab to Oxygen Cylinders to Testing.
For Lucknow and Kanpur.
For people in a need in Varanasi, Patna.
For Punjab, Bhopal-Ujjain.
For Nagpur, Nashik, Rajasthan.
Helpline for Noida as well as Oxygen leads for Madhya pradesh.
These are for Lucknow specifically.

This a a doc file for all the different states throughout India. Please go through, I hope it can help.

Ap dated by 22nd April. Ahmedabad resources.
Jaipur resources. Varified ones but an old update. I hope they can be helpful. 🙏

A spreadsheet on detailed resources for Lucknow specifically. 

A website having all the resources for Entire Uttar Pradesh specifically. Please go through this. It takes time to open it up as it is constantly getting updated.
Oxygen available near Pune, permitted by Maharashtra Government.
#Delhi #Oxygen

Bharat Oxymed
( #Verified last night, not picking up in the morning.. worth a try though)

Guys there are so many varified contacts over here. Please go through. If anything can help. 🙏

More resources you can try. I hope it helps. I am prying. 🙏

All the resources for Pune in perticular. Please go through this guys. I hope it helps.🙏
Indore - Devas - Ujjain. For oxygen.

There are links related many sources from Covid welfare to many other. Please check it out regarding Resources.

This drive has all the states info for Pan India. Please go through. I hope it helps. 🙏
The list of people ready to donate plasma. These people are real heroes. 🙏
For Dehradun in specific.
Verified by 23rd April. For Delhi specifically.
For Bangalore in perticular.

There is 100 bed covid care being set up in RR Nagar Rastrothana School bengaluru, By Monday(26/4/21) it would be operational. contact .+919880718568 Vinod, for admission .Any family in need of oxygen can reach 8447390017
12 ltr oxygen @ Rs400 

This website contains information regarding quite some states including Plasma doner to Oxygen Cylinders. Please check it out. UP/Bihar, Banglore, Maharashtra, Delhi, Punjab and few others.

A spreadsheet regarding all the information of Remdesivir distribution for PAN India. 

The link allows you to search through resources in different cities.
This one is specifically for Pregnant women diagnosed with Covid. Mumbai only. Please amplify.
Updated by 23rd April morning. Jaipur only.
Delhi. Varified by 23rd April morning.
Ranchi only. Verified by 23rd April morning.

SBS Charitable Hospital
Ph- 7688883131
7-8 Oxygen Beds available
(Rs.2.5k/ day for Oxygen)

Location : Behror (2hrs from Delhi)

#Verified at 10:43 am 23rd April.

Verified sources. Please check.
Delhi. Varified by 23rd April morning.
Mumbai/Thane. Verified as of 23rd April morning.

These all leads are for 23rd April. Please check out.
Please check this out. Delhi only.

Pleas check out the leads here. 

Beds availability in bhopal. Please check out.

Lucknow specifically.
Verified as of 23rd April afternoon. Pune only.
Ambala only
Verified by afternoon of 23rd April.
Verified source. Ghaziabad only.

Verified sources as of 23rd April. Please check out.
Verified by 23rd April afternoon. Please check.
Ahmedabad only. Please check it out. Verified.
Ahmedabad only. Verified by 23rd April. Please Check out.
Jhansi only. Verified by 23rd April afternoon.
#Remdesivir available in Delhi.

Contact no. :- 96099 71243

verified at 8:55am(24/04/2021) ✅

Delhi resources. Verified by 24th April morning. Hurry up.
The links down under are all verified and are constantly getting updated. Please please check it out for any resources.
Lucknow verified lead
Morning 11:00 am oxygen and cylinder available ankur gas near by polytechnic

Contact no:- +91 8318535546
Local verified at 5:30 am
Jaipur only

Oxygen beds will be available at hospital in sodala jaipur after 02:00 pm

+917734043001 call if tou have any query
Verified by 24th April.

An update as of 24th April. Guys please check it out. You may find different resources as of today.

Plasma available in Kolkata only.
Verified by 24th April Morning.
VERIFIED at 10:50 AM 24/04

Oxygen Cylinder & its Refilling available in Varanasi
Address : Near Police Line, Kachahri, Varanasi

Contact : Shaurya Kundra ; 6393763485

Varanasi only.
Pune and Delhi leads. Verified.

24th April updates.
25+ Beds available.
VERIFIED @ 9:48 AM, 24/04


CONTACT : 9910223322
Indore only. For Remdesivir.

Verified by 24th April morning.
Will be available by tomorrow i.e. 24/04 evening.

Contact: +91 9098734550

Note: They're available only on Whatsapp, please don't call them.

Verified. Ambala only.
LUCKNOW only. Verified.

Here are leads for requirement of beds in Lucknow.

9415022002 bed available
9670588871 oxgyen / bed
9415162686 bed
8840466030 bed / oxgyen
9839165078 bed / oxygen

LUCKNOW Oxygen Cylinder 8052655796
Tell him that you're patient's attendee, also carry doctor's prescription along. Whatsapp message him if number claims to be busy or off.
Self verified by 24th April.

Jaipur only

Oxygen lead 7291811136. Verified at 11:30 am 24th April. Whatsapp them if calls are not accepted.

Updates as of 24th April. Please check out.
#Delhi only. #OxygenCylinders

#Verified by 24th April Afternoon.
#Pune only. #Verified as of 24th April.

#Noida only
#OxygenCylinders #Verified

Verified as of 24th April.
Plasma lead in #Pune, verified at 2 pm 24th April.
Send your request to 9371823189. Do not call, WhatsApp only.
Share details of patient's name, blood group, age, etc.
PLASMA AVAILABLE all verified ✅

Ahemdabad - A+ B+
Kolkata - A+ B+
Sirohi, Rajasthan - B+
Bilaspur, Chhattisgarh - A+Bahraich, UP - AB+

contact: 9115091454 (pls whatsapp if the call isn’t going through)
pls mention the city when you text them!
As of 24th April.
#Ahmedabad verified resources by 24th April.
Beds #ICUBEDS #ICU in #Ahmedabad opening today.

Ranchi only.
+91 91278 20079 #OxygenCylinder Mahipalpur, Delhi. Just verified. 24th April.
Home delivery available.

Updated as of 25th April.
Indore only. Verified by 25th April.
Update as of 25th april
Verified: Oxygen Available
1. Ghaziabad: 8745917001 (Whatsapp only)
2. Noida: 88822642903.
3.Faridabad: 9811623860
4. Kalkaji (Paras): 8826513407
5. Gurugram: 9810526521
Refill only: 9813966556
Monu Equipment supplier:8178877352

Delhi only. Verified as of 25th april. Dm her.

Delhi only. Verified by 25th April morning.

Hurry up. Mumbai only. Verified as of 25th april only.
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