We have started with a few cities, and will be adding verified information on the rest as and when we find it.
Do keep clicking on and checking back and letting us know if something does not work. Also, update us of any more helplines or contacts you may come across
Our work also shows:
1. Most numbers are unusable
2. Government lines are accessible and better placed than private contacts to provide emergency relief.
3. In some cases, although numbers are accurate, either they don’t have stock or beds. We'll update when available
4. In Pune, Remdesivir is only available through district collectors’ office line.
5. For Mumbai, ward war rooms are better placed to direct you to relevant hospitals/quarantine facilities.
6. Helplines for UP cities like Lucknow, Varanasi are incorrect/out of service.
7. Bangalore has no confirmed supplier on Remdesivir. Few confirmed suppliers have asked us to check back in a few days. Most of BBMP's lines are responsive.
8. Chennai hospitals are largely unresponsive, only two have been verified here.
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