Watching someone try to argue that the only explanation for fertility decline is that nobody before that period understood how babies were made and the intestine fabricated condom also didn't exist and no one pulled out.
The period is the end of the 1700s onward.
Some of you are really funny.

>Media, an entirely in print thing at the time, caused it and also it predates literacy.

>People never used what is literally just a cum bag before


>No one just pulled out.


>Babies just happened because God said so.
Some of you respect the past so highly that you actually start to think it was really fucking dumb.
>Men did not have guy talk because it was immoral

Look, when we talk about the moral highness of the past, we're not literally saying everyone was a fucking monk.
We're saying they understood and respected certain topics as "polite speech" and dirty shit.
They drew penises on walls and shit are you joking with me? You're telling me ol' Leo never noticed that when he had sex with his wife, babies tended to happen?
After 8 kids?
There are sheep intestine based cum bags "condoms" that are documented from before the monarchy.
Really believe that no one ever just pulled out?
The Romans probably taught the Britons the Facial.
This is borderline academic snobbery shit that believes the peasants of Europe were literally so unshackled from material reality that they never even considered putting the cock in the mouth.
They did.
Look if you're talking about the advent of the Modern era, even if you think they were dumb, the timeline here is fucked up.
That or someone really wants to believe that the reason people weren't total perverts was that they just didn't know about pervert shit or just didn't talk about it or ever explore sexuality.
Hard Truth(really?): They knew.
Doesn't mean they did it.
While I don't know if that's what's so hard to accept here, specifically, I see a lot of people who basically believe just that about a number of things.
People can be capable of some real stupid shit as a whole, sure.
Most of the time if the situation deals with "did they know?" given a long enough time line the answer is always "Yes, they did and they didn't care".
By our l'rd! Mine own lief, thee has't anoth'r hole backeth h're!
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