Chennai Test positive rate all time high 23.8% today crossed 20% forecasted by model last week. It could cross 25% in 3-4 day. Forecasting model shows TN would cross 1 Lakh active cases in 5 days, Chennai 40K in a week. Public support critical at this moment #StopTheSpread 1/8
10 days growth rate of active case in Chennai at 95% and TN at 112%. Doubling Rate of Active cases for TN is now 9 days and Chennai at 10 days.
So rest of TN also growing faster now. 2/8 @ChennaiRains @kprabhdeep @rameshlaus @ashokhavarshini @karthikeyannews @karthickselvaa
Comparing Chennai Wave 1 and Wave 2.
Test positive rate is now all time high 23.8% crossed last year peak of 21% took 45 days to overtake last year peak TPR, and it took 30 days to cross daily new case of last year peak 2393. The curve is still parabolic. 3/8 #COVIDSecondWave
Testing trends: TN/Chennai testing has increased by 29%. TN maximum testing to 1.1Lakhs and Chennai max at 18.6K. 4/8
Chennai all zone status
1) Teyampet, Annanagar crossed 3K active cases
2) Thiruvika, Royapuram 2500 active cases
3) Kodambakam, 2300, these 5 zone contirbute 50% of active cases
4) Tondiarpet , Adyar close to 2000

#Chennai comparison of age group of covid affected people during 1st Wave vs 2nd Wave.
1) 6-Jul-20 & 18-Apr-21 had similar active case of 25K
2) Age group of 20 to 39 has significant increase by 3%
3) Age group 40-79 shows a decline .
#Chennai Private hospital bed status:
Source:  (Removed Medical college hospitals)
Overall 83% occupied, Oxy beds 87%, ICU 82%, Ventilators 52%
Please verify with hospital before you go, or contact Chennai Corp helpline
Public support is very critical at this point to flatten the curve for Chennai and TamilNadu. WearAmask, maintain distancing of 6 feet, make others wear a mask before speaking, avoid indoor poor ventilated space. If any symptoms isolate/test.
Together we can stop the spread.
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