THREAD: Who is eligible to donate #COVIDー19 plasma & how can one do it.

If you have fully recovered from COVID19, you may help patients who are fighting the infection by donating your plasma. Since you fought the infection, your plasma now contains COVID19 antibodies. +
Because these antibodies provided one way for your immune system to fight the virus when you were down with #COVIDー19, your plasma may be used to help patients fight off the disease.

What is Convalescent Plasma?

Convalescent refers to anyone recovering from a disease. +
Plasma is the yellow, liquid part of blood that contains antibodies. Antibodies are proteins made by the body in response to infections. Convalescent plasma from patients who have already recovered from #COVIDー19 may contain antibodies against coronavirus. +
Giving this convalescent plasma to hospitalized people currently fighting COVID19 may help them recover.

Are you eligible to donate plasma?

People who have fully recovered from #COVIDー19 for at least 2 weeks can consider donating plasma, which may help save other patients. +
Individuals must have had a prior diagnosis of #COVIDー19 documented by a laboratory test and meet other donor qualifications. Individuals must have complete resolution of symptoms for at least 14 days prior to donation. +
Ineligibility for plasma donation includes:
-weight >50 kg
-diabetes on insulin
-BP is more than 140, diastolic <60 or >90
-uncontrolled diabetes/hypertension with change in medication in last 28 days
-Cancer Survivor
-have chronic kidney/heart/lung or liver disease +
Docs will check the level of antibodies against #COVIDー19 before initiating the procedure. Docs will ask for a COVID+ report. These steps help to know if the donor had COVID. Then a few diagnostic tests will be performed before donation. Entire process will take around 3 hrs. +
#COVIDー19 Donors between the ages of 18-55 can donate. Doctors say that the best possible choice is of donor and patient having the same blood group. Otherwise, it is transfused according to the plasma compatibility chart only. A willing donor can give plasma twice a month. +
There are several India- and state-wide helplines/websites where eligible donors can register themselves for plasma donation. 
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