Use of Oxygen at Home (A thread):
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1.Firstly get a Non Rebreathing Mask (NRM) with tubing. You can use a simple oxygen mask or nasal cannula if you don't find NRM.
2.Attach it with the cylinder.
3. Make the patient wear the mask, and keep monitoring the oxygen saturation.
4. Keep a flow rate at which the saturation of the patient stays between 92 to 96, preferably above 95.
5. For example, if you keep the flow rate of 4L/min, and the saturation of that patient is 88, increase the flow rate to 5L/min and check if the saturation increases to above 92. If it does, keep the flow rate of 5L/min.
6. You can start decreasing the flow rate after a day or two to check if the patient can maintain the saturation of >92 with a lesser flow rate. Keep decreasing the flow rate slowly over days until he/she can maintain it in room air.
7.Similarly, if the saturation is not coming to normal, increase the flow rate to come to the desired saturation.
Also note that if the patient requires supplemental oxygen, they most probably also require dexamethasone/methylprednisolone and low molecular weight heparin. So kindly consult a doctor to start the patient on these accordingly. And ask the patient to lie prone for at least 4h/d
Ask here or any other doctor you know of if you have any doubts.
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