15 year old CHILD was murdered today by Columbus PD. In this thread you will see body cam footage released to paint this child in a bad light & Chief of CPD press conference that doesn’t tell the entire truth trying to JUSTIFY this.
Next show body cam in slow motion trying to imply this CHILD was dangerous & justify this 🐷 MURDERING a CHILD. You will see the cop did NOTHING to de-escalate, no warning shots, no taser. NOTHING EXCEPT 4 SHOTS IN THE CHEST. (Video cut in 2 - this is part 1)
Press Conference with Columbus Chief of Police. This man keeps saying he released this video for TrAnSpArEnCy but he won’t answer any of the REAL questions to be TRANSPARENT! He doesn’t tell you this child CALLED THE POLICE HERSELF FOR HELP. #PoliceBrutality #ColumbusOhio
(Continued) the rest of the Chief of Police trying to paint this little baby in a bad light. He released this video to make her look dangerous but won’t tell reporters that SHE CALLED THEM & the officer did NOTHING to de-escalate! #ColumbusOhio #ColumbusPolice #PoliceBrutality
This entire press conference was a joke.They ONLY released partial video to make this child look dangerous&make the cop look good. She called for help. He didn’t do anything to de-escalate+they didn’t even start CPR right away! #PoliceReformNow #PoliceAccountability #ColumbusOhio
OMG this is fucking HORRIFYING. Columbus PD needs a complete overhaul!! They KEEP murdering black KIDS. Please look at this.
#ColumbusPolice #ColumbusOH
#PoliceBrutality #PoliceBrutality https://twitter.com/mollyshack/status/1384727149123354624
PLEASE READ THIS THREAD. #ColumbusPolice needs NATIONAL ATTENTION. They keep killing black kids!!! 💔💔💔
#ColumbusOH #PoliceBrutality #PoliceBrutality https://twitter.com/mollyshack/status/1384727042575544329
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