Are you in a doubt? There is news all over the media that Covishield is causing blood clot and the same is resulting in heart issues.


Clear your doubt, 1st it's a paid agenda of a vaccine manufacturer against a vaccine manufacturer.
2nd, if you have a doubt in your mind about the blood clot story, talk to a "real doctor". Do not believe in the so called doctors graduated from WhatsApp and Google University.

They will share all the possible journal and paper to justify the claims.

Don't we know how easy it is now a days to get a paper published. Every "dhapli" wala from JNU also gets a paper published for their doctorate.

Not every published paper is a fact. A paper which gets published is a thought process of an individuals mind, not the verified fact.
If you have any further doubt about the clotting story even after talking to a real doctor, go and get your blood test done.
The 'prothrombin time' (PT) and the 'activated partial thromboplastin time' (APTT) are commonly done tests which will tell you whether the clotting factors
are low or high or absent. The PT INR values will give you a clear picture of the blood clotting symptoms of your body.

Take those reports to your doctor and then talk about the doubt of clotting. The numbers in front of you and the talk with "real doctor" will ensure that your
fear is gone.

If you are having a medical condition, if you are on blood thinners aka anti coagulation medicines, if you have a liver disease, if you bleed too less after deep wounds i.e. thrombophilia, take PT test, talk to doctor and be sure before getting vaccinated.
Do not, I request do not forward shitty journals and Whatsapp forwards to anyone and everyone on the groups.

I am fed up of receiving such research papers on multiple whatsapp group.

Please note, your body is different, your blood type is different, you were not a prototype
or sample in the research based on which the paper/journal was published.

Last but not the least, do not pay attention on these news channels and we all know the reasons.


If you have a doubt in the mind for vaccine or have little dillema because of the clotting
stories out there on the web, please get yourself tested for the clotting time and take reports to a real doctor to discuss the same.

If you have liver disorders, if you have thrombophilia, if you bleed too less after deep wounds, if you are on blood thinners/anticoagulats
Yes sir, you need to discuss with your family doctor before getting vaccinated.
Else shut up, register and get vaccinated once your turn comes up.
Thankyou for reading. 🙏
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