With the news of Derek Chauvin being found guilty in the murder of #GeorgeFloyd, it’s probably a good time to remember that Canada also has deep-rooted problems in policing. 🧵

#blacklivesmatter #blm
This starlit beating took place in Calgary in 2013.

“When the officers left him at a desolate construction site, it was –28 C with the windchill, and Addai-Nyamekye was dressed in only a tracksuit and sneakers.”

#yyc https://www.cbc.ca/cbcdocspov/episodes/above-the-law
“In the midst of a global uprising against police brutality and systemic racism, No Visible Trauma / Above the Law examines a deeply troubled police department and reveals the devastating consequences of unchecked police brutality.”

#DefundThePolice https://losttimemedia.com/portfolio/nvt-atl/
“The concerns centre around a seven-minute clip from the full-length documentary posted online that shows an Indigenous man, Clayton Prince, running from police after a traffic stop.” 📺

#DefundThePolice https://vimeo.com/471987957/b5e3c95daa
Let’s take a tangent here to return our attention to the US to look at how the murder of George Floyd was initially reported in Minneapolis.

Read this chilling description of this murder.

#GeorgeFloyd #DerekChauvin #BlackLivesMatter https://twitter.com/chrisvanderveen/status/1384616345262776322
Now, even after #DerekChauvin is found guilty *of murder* major American news corp, @abcnews, still can’t say it.

“Guilty in the death of George Floyd”

has a different ring to it than

“Guilty in the MURDER of George Floyd.”

How these crimes are reported matters.

#BLM https://twitter.com/abc/status/1384616919576190979
Some hard-right propagandists have professed Chauvin’s innocence even after the guilty verdict.

“If Chauvin was innocent, George Floyd would still be alive.”


#DefundThePolice https://twitter.com/dunningsbooger/status/1384629050262446085
Around this same time @lethpolice also made international news for police brutality in their handling of a girl doing Star Wars cosplay.

Not cool, @lethpolice https://twitter.com/xeviuss/status/1257564952874774531?s=20
Did I say "international" attention? I should have said inter-stellar attention.

Even Captain Kirk called out this police brutality. https://twitter.com/WilliamShatner/status/1258012040435625984?s=20
Okay this thread is already getting long, but we can't talk about police in Canada without also talking about First Nations.

"Our cops are just as bad as American cops, they just go after a different colour."

-- @JamesLeduke https://twitter.com/JamesLeduke/status/1384704801733107715?s=20
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