Wow, did everyone forget that Chauvin agreed to plead guilty to 3rd degree murder in MAY 2020 but Barr quashed the deal?

Because Barr wanted protests and a brutal "Federal Law Enforcement" response.
By June 2020, the internal GOP almost assuredly told the Trump traitors that they were going to lose the election, and thus die in prison.

They planned to contest the election. And secure power through force.

This seems to have been a warmup:
Remember, these wretched tapeworms were planning on killing Congress and blaming "Antifa?" Remember that thing from January 6?

Right. Well, you need to have a big production featuring the barely-existent "Antifa."

*And you needed Chauvin still free.*
If there were immediate justice for George Floyd, then there would have been no need for protests.

And no need to set up photo ops like these fools.

See why Barr likely wanted to quash a plea deal with Chauvin? 🤬
If you don't have protests for George Floyd, you can't introduce "Antifa" and bring out "Federal law enforcement."

Then you wouldn't be able to blame "Antifa" after you murder Congress.
It's that bad.
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