Sorry if you have moved on BUT we're still stuck on The Good Society website, all the totally inappropriate content, the links to external websites & how "the bloody hell" a company billed taxpayers $3.8 million for this crap.

Following are some examples.

Marry Me: Video - Tropfest 2008 for yr 5/6

The story of 9/10 year olds who are still on training wheels on their bikes.

A girl who will change herself & her bike as she desperately seeks the approval of the boy neighbour as she chases him down the street to MARRY HER.

Richie Rich: Video - American -1994 for yr 3/4

Poor Richie Rich privileged white boy excluded from playing with the other kids. They let him play & of course he saves them all.

Does anyone under 20 even know who Richie Rich is, NO the rich are not our saviours

The majority of the video content is not original and is from providers external to the site, the background of the providers of the content is not disclosed and the external videos link to other external content when the target has been played.

Using external promotional videos from product providers, the videos link to the external site when complete and of course all the product promotion that goes with it.

A government website promoting multinational companies.

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