Fantasy Bakugo being sent to canon mha universe where bkdk have not yet confessed.

Problem is, fantasy Bakugo has already courted the Izuku in his universe, and he cant just stand by and watch as this Izuku remains open to suitors!
this thread is very much inspired by this @spiced_covfee fantasy!bkg canon!izu art !!!
For easy clarification=
f!- fantasy
c!- canon

Izuku will be calling
f! Bkg: Bakugo
c! Bkg: Kacchan/Katsuki
“Come here my love,” Bakugo breathes out, gently moving Izuku to his side as they walk through the crowded hallways of UA during a class change period.

“W-what?!” Izuku squeaks, his face heating up as hes pulled to the taller mans side.
He can feel the warmth of his skin on his arm. But of course he would. This Bakugo doesn’t wear shirts. In fact, he’s not even the Kacchan of this universe!
This all happened because of a quirk accident from a student in a different class. During a school training session, Kacchan bumped into the guy who got spooked and accidentally let out his quirk with the blonde.
The next day there were two of them in first period classroom. As Izuku later chose to call them, Kacchan and Bakugo.

Kacchan is of course the Kacchan he knows and grew up with. He’s mean, he’s brash, but he’s coming around.
But Bakugo. Bakugo is... wow. He’s taller, more muscular, less clothes, and a few years older. He is /not/ like the usual Kacchan.
No, the first time he sees Izuku he runs to him and gathers him in his arms in a warm embrace that has Izuku melting before he hears
familiar mini explosions that Kacchan makes when he’s angry. That snaps him out of his daze as hes put down and pushed behind Bakugo who covers him protectively. “Were you brought here too? Why are you in this odd clothing my love?” He asks, eyes searching Izukus wide green ones.

“That’s not me idiot!” He hears a familiar harsh voice call out, watching as Kacchan pushes this look alike out of the way and away from himself. “I woke up with this idiot right beside me! That kid warned me about this!”
“Alternate Universe Quirk,” Aizawa interrupts. “That students teacher warned me this may happen.” He approaches Izuku and motions for him to stand next to him.
Izuku quickly goes to his teachers side while watches the two blondes who cross their arms and wear the same angry pout.
“He’ll be gone in a few days. But this is you Katsuki, just from another universe. Just make sure he doesn’t interrupt lessons,” he explains boredly before getting back behind his desk to his sleeping bag.
“I don’t want to play baby sitter!” Katsuki scoffs, glaring at his alternate self who glares right back.

“And you think I would like to be with you when my love is here?” Bakugo replies, his voice a bit deeper then this Kacchan.
“The hell are you talking about?!” Katsuki growls, more mini explosions coming from his palms.

“Kacchan!” Izuku quickly squeaks. “Aizawa sensei said he’d go away in a few days.” He tries to reassure. “It’ll only be a few days...”
“Then you take care of him,” Katsuki growls, not knowing the trouble this would cause him in the days to come.


Which leads to later this same day as Izuku walks with Bakugo who is very much clingy. Its such a 180 from the usual Kacchan, but he doesn’t mind.
This Kacchan is older and nicer, and hes a good subject to conduct research on the blonde on how his quirk will be in the years to come.
But he keeps calling him his ‘love’ like they’re together or something. Its kind of embarrassing but Izuku doesn’t really mind.
It makes him feel a little good honestly. But then again, in the universe Bakugo is from “love” can mean something like “nerd” that would make a little more sense as to why he’s always calling him that.

“Bakugo, you’re too close,” he mumbles, red in the face as they get to-
class where hes met with whistles and hollers, and a /very/ angry stare from Kacchan.
They get to his desk where Bakugo pulls his chair out for him and lets him sit before sitting down on the chair provided for him besides him. “Are comfortable my love?” Bakugo asks.
Izuku blushes even deeper and nods, trying to ignore the grins and stares hes getting.

Oh gosh, this is both heaven and hell.

Class goes on somewhat as usual. Bakugo stays still, staring at Izuku the whole time as the greenette jots down notes and tries to focus.
Its kind of hard to do so seeing as a big hulking man is currently staring deeply at him, but he manages.
It isn’t until break that Bakugo finally speaks, moving to gently grab Izuku’s chin and lift it so they’re looking into each others eyes. “In your word and mine, you remain the same my love,” he smiles, caressing Izukus cheek with his thumb.
Izukus face bursts in a deep blush as he opens his mouth, struggling with what to say.
“Whoa Midoriya, get it!” Kaminari calls out which makes Izuku glance around to notice the whole class is staring at them, Katsuki included.
And for some odd reason, Izuku feels a bit of guilt when he meets his eyes. He wants to say something, but the blonde of this universe turns away from him, making him close his mouth and turn back to Bakugo who is giving him the most gentle of smiles.
“Uhm, Bakugo-san...” Izuku mumbles, figuring maybe he should add a formality.

“Call me Katsuki.”

Izuku sees blonde movement from the corner of his eye, but when he turns to Kacchan, the other is turned away from him. Oh, he must have imagined it. “Uhm, no thank you Bakugo-san.”
“No need for that last part. If you’re going to say my name, don’t add anything to it.”

Okay, Izuku can do that. “Okay, Bakugo. Uhm... I know this must be all new to you since this isn’t the world you come from, but prople might misunderstand our relationship when you call me
your “love.” You see, in our universe, love means someone you cherish. Someone who you want to hold and protect. Someone you want to spend your life with,” he tries to explain.

“Then I see love has a universal meaning then,” Katsuki replies smoothly, leaning forward to press
a kiss onto Izukus forehead.

Izuku squeaks in surprise, his heart thrumming loudly in his chest. Did... did this mean that he and Kacchan were together in a different universe.
That there was a universe where Kacchan loved him instead of hating him?
Why did that sound so nice? Sure he’s always thought Kacchan was handsome and amazing, but something like that seemed just too unobtainable. But here he was, learning that its really not. At least in another world it’s not.

“Really?” He asks softly, maybe sounding a bit hopeful.
“In my universe you are my wife. I have loved you since the day we first met, and I will keep loving you in any universe that I find myself getting int-“

But hes cut short by a loud scraping sound as a red faced Kacchan slides his chair across the floor, grabbing his bag and
leaving the classroom with loud angry stomps.

It makes Izuku jump, and he looks around the classroom where eyes are still on them. He had honestly forgotten about them. Bakugo made him feel like they were in a world of their own.
It’s embarrassing, but he made him feel so... special. Izuku never thought Kacchan could love him, and here was his counterpart pouring loads of sweet words and praise to him. It felt like a dream. “But wouldnt the Izuku of your universe be jealous?” He asks curiously.
“He knows we are soulmates,” Bakugo replies with every ounce of certainty he had in his body. “He would love me in any universe I would be in too.”

Izuku stays quiet, feeling his eyes burn a bit. Yeah, that’s pretty on the nose. Because no matter how poorly Kacchan has treated
him. No matter all the hits and words that were thrown at him, he has always held love for him. And hearing this really sounds like he drew the short end of the stick when it came to what universe he’d get Kacchan in.
“Do not cry my love,” Bakugo says softly, kissing the tears away from Izukus freckled face, cupping his face oh so tenderly. “What is wrong? Are you hungry?” He asks, wanting to aid him in any way he can. “Do you want something to eat?”
Izuku shrugs and nods, sniffling softly. “Something to eat doesn’t sound bad. But lunch is in fifteen mi-“

“I’ll bring you something,” Bakugo interrupts, getting up and grabbing his knife from the belt hanging around his waist.
“Whoa, Bakugo. Where are you goi- oHMYGOD!” Izuku yells as the barbaric blonde jumps out of the window into a large tree.
The whole class yells as everyone runs to the window to see Bakugo sliding down the tree with ease before slipping into the greenery.
“Did he just do that?!” Izuku asks in shock, body stiff and refusing to look at the damage he made to the window. Thats the first thing Aizawa-sensei said. Do not disrupt class.

“Nevermind that!” Mina says, running to Izuku and grabbing his hands.
“That Bakugo is soook dreamy!” She gasps. “And he’s totally in love with you. You should definitely let him woo you while he’s here,” she giggles, everyone crowding him and agreeing.

“But thats wrong. Its like taking advantage of him,” Izuku sputters.
“Midoriya, I love Bakugo. Our Bakugo, but you deserve to get some reciprocation,” Kirishima admits, patting his shoulder. “Just let him take care of you while hes here.”

Reciprocation? So... “you guys know I like Kachan....” he mumbles with wide eyes.
“It’s so obvious,” Denki groans. “Dude, just let him love on you. What have you got to lose?”

Izuku blushes and slowly begins to nods. They’re... right. He has nothing to lose. And either way, Kacchan wanting nothing to do with Bakugo.
“You’re right,” he mumbles, now looking at the window where he sees a flock of birds flee from a shaking tree at the far distance, luckily still on school property. That’s probably him.
It makes Izuku smile, nodding his head some more.
He’ll just see where the wind takes him. Let himself be taken care of like everyone said.
It’s not like it will be anything permanent after all.
But maybe thats the problem.
Once Izuku comes into an acceptance, things become much more fun after that.
Bakugo comes back (through the broken window) with a large bound squealing boar, proudly presenting his hunt to Izuku who stares with wide eyes at the poor animal.
“Bakugo...” Izuku gasps, his heart feeling for the poor bound thing. He can see the fear in its eyes. And while he loves meat. He can’t just do nothing for the poor thing. “Oh Kacchan, let it go,” he pouts, leaning down to gently touch the boars large horn.
“Did you want a younger one for more tender meat?” Bakugo asks, already heading to the window again. “No!” Izuku quickly says, grabbing the man by the arm before he can head out again. “No, please. I just feel bad for it. Let it go, please?”
Bakugo looks down at the other hanging off his arm and nods, leaning down to kiss his forehead. “Anything for you my love.” He grabs his knife and ties the boar loose, watching as it squeals and runs around the room before making it out the door.
Izuku cringes when he hears students scream in the hallway and the squealing gets more muffled and further. But at least it was free again. “Thank you Bakugo,” Izuku smiles. “I know you worked hard to get that. I’m sorry.”
“If its not what you wanted, then there’s no problem,” Bakugo hums, handing Izuku a satchel. “Eat these. They’re berries.”

“Thank you!” Izuku smiles, getting a handful of berries and popping them into his mouth. “These are delicious!”
Bakugo smiles down at him before crossing his arms and looking around. He recognizes these faces. All of them in fact. There was the pinky who worked at the old tavern. The froggy who lived in the rainforest. Stupid half and half prince, and most importantly, his dragon.
“Were you also brought here?” He asks with a wide grin as he approaches the other who is much smaller than he remembers. His human form was much bigger than this. “Did you shrink as well? Nevermind that, let’s go explore,” he shrugs, grabbing the collar of Kirishimas shirt
as he pulls him to the window. “Transform!” He yells, about to jump out again while pulling Kirishima who was still trying to process Bakugos first sentence.

“Bakugo no!” Izuku yells as the whole class rushes forward to grab Kirishima. Luckily Tsuyu pulls him back with her
tongue, away from the blonde who was ready to jump out the window again. “Bakugo what are you doing?!” Izuku exclaims. “Kirishima can’t handle a fall from that height! No one can! Are you trying to kill him?!”
Bakugo laughs, shaking his head and patting Izukus shoulder. “You’re mind is so imaginative,” he chuckles. “He is my trusty dragon. He can handle falls a hundred times higher than this,” he explains, looking to Kirishima who is being coddled by the class.
“What?! Dragon??” Izuku asks, the whole class clearly confused.

“Yes, he must have came here with me.”

“No... no he must be a dragon in your universe then. In ours hes just a student like all of us. You cant just throw him out of a window with you Bakugo,” Ixuku explains
patiently. “Can you please just stay close by, so I can keep an eye on you? We can spend time together. That sounds nice, right?”

“Don’t tell me you want to spend a long night together again, Katsuki grins, wrapping his arm around Izukus waist and leaning in close to him.

“Do you want to try for a family?” He asks, his hand slowly sliding down Izukus waist to his ass.

Izukus body shakes in both excitement and embarrassment before he tears away from the blonde. “N-no! That’s not possible in this universe!” He cries out.
Bakugo pouts and shrugs. Its not possible in his universe either, unless they get a blessing from the forest. Which was what he was on his way to do before he was sent here all of a sudden.

Izuku closes his eyes and takes a deep breath. Okay, besides that, they needed to head
back to the dorms. So he grabs his bag and motions for Bakugo to follow him, although the blonde does more than that. He grabs his hand and intertwines their fingers, letting Izuku lead him away to whatever these dorms were.
Turns out the dorms are where he initially woke up. Except it seems that all the students live here, not just Katsuki. “Will we be going to your nest?” He asks Izuku as theyre walking to his room.

“I’m not a bird silly,” Izuku laughs, swinging their hands slightly as they walk
with each other down the hall.

“I’m going to change, and then we can have some lunch. That /I’ll/ make. There’s no need to hunt in this universe, okay?”

“If you say so,” Katsuki sighs, watching as Izuku opens the door to his room.
And as soon as he sees what’s inside, he’s quickly on one knee, bowing in respect.

“What are you doing?” Izuku asks, tugged down since their hands were still intertwined.

“Your king is All Might here as well?” Katsuki asks, getting up and walking into the room.
“King?” Izuku asks, geabbibg his small notebook to start writing some things down. Now that he’s out of his initial shock, its research time. “N-no, he’s a hero here. But uhm... not anymore I guess. A retired hero is what he is now. But he actually teaches here!”
“Retired...” Katsuki mumbles, looking around some more before he sits down on Izukus bed, grabbing his pillow and sniffing it. “So you were taking me to your nest.”

“Uhm no, that’s my bed,” Izuku mumbles, starting to take off his uniform and hang it up. Although when it comes to
his pants and shirt, he cant help but look over at the other self consciously. “Can you... turn around, or cover your eyes. I need to change.”

“Don’t worry about it,” Bakugo hums, shaking his head.

“Not for you, for me,” Izuku scoffs. “Please?”
Bakugo rolls his eyes and sighs, covering his eyes as he begins to hear Izuku change. “It’s not anything I haven’t seen before,” he admits, which makes Izuku squeak.

“Yeah, well, not in this universe,” he huffs, changing into a t shirt and some loose shorts.
“Okay, you can open your eyes.”

Katsuki uncovers himself and looks Izuku over, getting up to poke and pull at his shirt. “Why do you cover up so much? I prefer you with less clothing.”
“Because this is how people dress in this universe,” Izuku mumbles, slapping his hands away lightly before heading to his door. “Come on, you must be hungry.”
They both head out to the communal kitchen where Izuku starts getting some things out to make some curry.
Its simple and can make alot. And something tells him that Bakugo eats way more than the usual Kacchan. “Do you like spice?” He asks, although something tells him he already knows the answer.

“Of course I do,” Katsuki hums, watching Izuku bumble around the kitchen as he cuts
and assembles the food. “How useful to have all you need in one room. No need to start a fire, or get water from the streams.”

Izuku laughs and nods. “Yup. Very convenient,” he agrees, humming softly under his breath as he cuts up some carrot.
Katsuki smiles when he hears the humming, approaching him from behind and wrapping his arms around his waist. “I don’t understand how the me in this universe has not claimed you as his own,” he admits. “We’re soulmates. We are destined together in every universe.”
Izuku laughs a bit harshly and shakes his head, leaning back a bit against the large man. “It must just be your universe. Because Kacchan hates me,” he admits. “But I mean, I cant blame him. Im not the best that I can be. In fact, I’m not even near his level,”
he admits with a sheepish laugh. “Whats your Izuku like?” He asks, hoping he is a better person than himself. “Is he a warrior like you? Is he bigger than me? Ooh wait, maybe hes like, a kings guard or something?!”
Katsuki laughs and rests his chin on Izukus shoulder, shaking his head. “He’s very much like you,” he hums, nuzzling Izukus temple. “Same size, same personality, but he isn’t a student. He is a traveler, he carries medicines and goes to villages which need him.
“Oh...” Izuku breathes out, having been expecting something a bit more exciting. “And how did you fall in love with him? Was it love at first sight?” That would be nice. Being loved right from the beginning.

“No, I hated him at first, Bakugo admits. “He was clumsy, and he
didnt know how to keep his mouth shut.”

Izuku falters some more and slows his cutting of vegetables. “Yeah?” He asks softly, knowing he was the exact same way.

“Yes, but after a while he grew on me. His personality that is. I’ve always thought he was beautiful.”
“Does he look like me?” Izuku asks hopefully.

“Just like you,” Bakugo assures.

“But what made you fall for him?” Izuku asks, putting down the knife to stop and listen to the story.

“Just /him./“ Katsuki explains. “Hes just... you... you’re so kind.
No matter how many times I snapped at you. No matter how many times I tried to abandon you in the forest.”


“You always came back to me. And when I needed you most, you were there. When you started to need me, I was there too.”
Izuku cant help but feel a bit familiar with this story. It kind of sounds like... him and Kacchan right now. Or maybe thats just wishful thinking. Cause there’s really no way that Kacchan could hold any type of feeling like that for him. And he can also do so much better.
“Well, I don’t think that’s something that happens universally,” he sighs. “But I’m glad you found love in your universe.” It kind of hurts his heart to think about Kacchan, who he hasn’t seen since he stormed out of the classroom. “By the way, where is Kacchan,” he mumbles.
“I’m right here shitty nerd,” Bakugo answers, leaning against the doorframe with crossed arms and a tense jaw.

Izuku jumps and immeadiately pushes Bakugo away from him, red in the face as he turns to the Kacchan of this universe. “Kacchan! How long have you been there?!”
“Long enough to be sick,” Katsuki spits, shoving past them both to grab a water bottle from the fridge.

Izukus face drops and his chest tightens. “Oh, I’m sorry,” he mumbles quietly. That’s true. Kacchan probably felt disgusted knowing they were together in another life.
Katsuki eyes his universal counterpart for a while before he flares his nostrils and grabs him by the arm. “Follow me,” he grunts, pulling him out of the kitchen and into the dining room.
“We have to fucking talk.”

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“You love him don’t you?” Bakugo smirks down at the younger, angrier version of himself.

“Shut the hell up,” Katsuki growls, glaring at the other. “You better keep your fucking hands off of him you creep. How much fucking older are you than us? You’re a fucking creep.”
“Does it bother you so much? I wouldn’t have thought so seeing as you ran away from the problem and pushed it all onto him.”

Katsukis jaw clenches and his fingers twitch as his palms start to crackle.
Bakugos grin grows even wider as he steps forwad to get into Katsukis face. “You have him convinced you could never love him. But don’t worry your little head about that. I’ll make sure to take care of him while I’m here.I’ll show him what a real man is.”
Katsukis eyes widen and his anger skyrockets as he tackles Bakugo who expertly, pushes him off him and into the wall where he hits his back harshly, knocking the air out of him. “Coward,” he scoffs before going back to the kitchen where he continues hugging Izuku.
“You look so beautiful when you’re preparing a meal my love,” he croons, nibbling Izukus ear which draws a soft noise from the others lips.

“Bakugo, you can’t just do that,” Izuku mumbles, having put everything in the pot. Its just a matter of waiting now.
“You have a boyfriend.”

“A wife,” Bakugo corrects. “And he is you, just in another universe.”

“Yeah but isn’t it kind of cheating?” Izuku mumbles, feeling a little guilty. “Anyways, where is Kacchan? What did you talk about with him?” He looks around them hopefully, looking-
for the blonde of this universe.

“We just had a little talk. Why?”

“I just wanted to talk with him for a little bit,” Izuku admits. You know, to ask him how this all happened. What student has this quirk and all that.”
“I’m sure you’ll see him around here,” Bakugo smirks, grabbing Izuku around the waist and walking with him to the common room while they wait for their food.


And Bakugo is right, they do see Katsuki around alot of after that.
Its Bakugos second day of being here, and its like his love for the other multiplied by two. He holds him in his lap in while they wait for class to start as he nuzzles his curls. “You’re so beautiful when you sleep,” Bakugo hums while Izuku furiously writes notes down.
“Bakugo I’m trying to concentrate,” Izuku mumbles, although he lets himself be in his lap even as students file in.

The majority of the class just laughs and giggles at them, but there’s only one that Izuku is keeping an eye out for.
And thats of course Kacchan.
He walks into class and Izuku quickly shoots out of Bakugos lap to run to Katsuki and grab his arm so they could talk outside of the classroom.

“What the hell are you doing?!” Katsuki growls, sending mini explosions on Izukus arm which has the other pulling back.
“Ow Kacchan, what was that for?!” Izuku exclaims, rubbing his arm.

“For touching me idiot!”

Izuku pouts and looks away. “Bakugo lets me grab him,” he mumbles, which makes Katsuki growl as he throws a hard punch to the wall next to Izukus head.
“What the fuck do you want?” He growls, eyes narrowed. “Did you come here just to talk about him? Don’t waste my fucking time!”

“Of course I came to talk about him! You just threw him on me and I need to know who gave you this quirk!” Izuku snaps right back, surprised at the
punch, but also moving along with it. Katsuki will act up like this once in a while. Its just how he is sometimes. And its just so easily to get caught up in each others energy sometimes.
“Threw him at you?! You’re the one throwing yourself all over him! I didn’t think you were such a whore!” Katsuki yells, which makes Izukus eyes widen in shock. Did... Kacchan just call him a whore?
“What? Do you think I don’t see you two all over each other. You let him touch you and kiss you and you say nothing! Like a fucking whore!” Katsuki adds on, his jealousy coming out as judgement and superiority before he could stop himself. “You’re disgusting!”
“What does it matter to you,” Izuku mumbles, shaking his head. “What the hell does it matter to you what I’m doing?! Since when do you care, huh!?” He shoves Katsukis chest and feels his eyes start to water. “I know you don’t care about me, but don’t call me that!”
“Wait, Deku-“

“At least Bakugo gives me some respect! He listens to what I say and doesn’t call me stupid or useless!” He shoves Katsukis chest again, even harder now. “Dont ever call me that again Kacchan!”
He’s hurt. Obviously so.
Kacchan has never called him anything like that. And so what if he liked the clinginess? No one has ever gave him such affection, let alone from someone who looks just like the one he wants it from the most.
Izuku slams open the door to the classroom and walks straight to Bakugo who naturally opens his arms for him.
And of course Izuku goes right into them, tears burning in his eyes as he wraps his arms around those strong shoulders.
Katsuki stands at the open doorway, everyone staring at him, but he doesn’t care about the extras right now. Just that smug gaze he gets from his other self as she strokes Izukus back and kisses the top of his head. “He’s mine,” Bakugo mouths.
And this of course makes Katsuki lash out as he kicks a near desk and growls loudly, bringing his palms up to aim right at his other self.

“Katsuki!” Aizawa calls out, eyes glowing as the sparks on Katsukis palms die out by force. “Get to your seat, now.”
Katsuki takes a harsh deep intake of breath, turning his glare to their teacher before going to his desk and sitting down, his fists balled up so tightly that they shake.

He can see Izuku shaking slightly, his back to him as the girls give him some tissue.
And the guilt starts to set in.

Fuck, he made him cry. And he didn’t mean to. His mouth just always gets ahead of his mind. Paired with jealousy this time, it made its words even harsher. “Fucking hell!” He grunts, slamming his fist on the desk which makes Izuku jump.
And fuck, that feels even worse.

But how the hell can he even fix this? He fucked it up big time this time.
And who knows if Izuku will be willing to forgive him now.

Izuku spends the rest of the day wallowing in his own self pity. He cant believe Kacchan called him that. Not that he has a problem with being promiscuous, but thats not him. And Kacchan knows that and yet- yet he still said that to be mean to him.
“I thought he was coming around to me,” he admits as he walks back to the dorms with Bakugo, his strong arm wrapped around his shoulder. “I thought he wanted to be friends again. Like when we were younger...”
“You both knew each other in youth?” Bakugo asks to which Izuku nods.

“We were best friends. We did everything together. But then he got his quirk and I didn’t and he moved on without me,” he explains sadly. “And I don’t blame him for that, but I thought we were growing close
again. But I guess he just needed an excuse to get away from me.”

Bakugo watches Midoriya as he speaks about the blonde. Hes obviously still really hurt about what happened. And while it wasn’t much his fault, but this universes Katsukis fault, he couldn’t help but feel a bit
guilty for instigating things for it to get to this point. Its only fair that he try to fix it somewhat. Especially if that will make Izuku smile again. “Will you go and do something for me?” He asks, which makes Izuku furrow his brows in confusion at how random that is.
“Yeah, of course,” he nods. “Are you hungry?”

“No, will you lead me to Katsukis room? I need to speak with him.” Katsuki explains to which Izuku nods slowly.

“Uhm, yeah. What for though?” He asks, heading down the hall opposite to his own room.
“I’ll tell you when we get there.” Bakugo lets Izuku lead till they get to Katsukis room where he knocks on the door three times.

“Who’s here?!” Katsuki barks from inside, but Bakugo doesn’t answer, just knocks again.
“What the hell do you want?! Im not in the fucking moo-”
But he stops short when he sees familiar red eyes. “Why the fuck are you here?”

“Because of him,” Bakugo says, grabbing Izukus arm and pushing him forward into Katsukis chest.

“W-what?!” Izuku squeaks, tensing up when hes pushed, and quickly stepping away whes he’s
realized hes touched Kacchan again. On accident this time. But from the way Kacchan reacted earlier today, an accidental touch probably disgusted him just as much. “Bakugo, what are you doing?” He asks nervously, wrapping his arms around himself as he stands awkwardly between the
two. “What were you going to talk to him about? Can I leave?”

“I think I’ll be returning soon,” Bakugo says, making both Katsuki and Izukus heads snap up to his face.

“Sensei did say two or three days at the most,” Bakugo replies gruffly, still glaring. “Don’t bother saying b-“
“I don’t want to be left with the mean Kacchan!” Izuku blurts out, his brows furrowed in hurt and worry. And he doesn’t mean it. He doesn’t, because Kacchan is his idol. He is his image of victory, but fuck, he’s seeing it first hand.
Kacchan can be nice to him.
He isn’t destined to hate him like Izuku thought they were. And that hurts. Because why did he have to get the mean one?
His eyes start to fill with tears as he looks up at Bakugo with sad eyes, then at Katsuki with guilty ones. “Im-I’m sorry,” he hiccups. “But why? Why do you
hate me Kacchan?” He sniffles, all his years of hurt starting to bubble up.

Katsuki watches him with a blank expression, his eyes wide and just... shocked. Did Izuku say that? That he didn’t want /him?/ He wanted the nice one...
Thats fucked up, and not on Izukus part. Thats fucked up on his part.
Because he knows how much Izuku looks up to him. He doesn’t understand it, but he knows. So how badly did he hurt him this morning for him to say that?
“Deku...” he says softly, reaching out to grab his arm.

“No... please don’t hit me. I said I’m sorry. I’m sorry Kacchan.”

And oh boy, now that tugs on Katsukis heart.
And what more can do do but grab Izuku and wrap his arms around him tightly, holding him as close to his body as he can. “I’m sorry Deku,” he apologizes softly. “I’m sorry. I didn’t mean that shit I said in the morning. I was just-“
“Then why’d you say it!” Izuku cries loudly, hands instinctively wrapping around Kacchans torso as he clings onto him.

“Cause I was fucking jealous,” Katsuki grunts, shaking his head. “That he got to touch you and I couldn’t.”
“You’re a liar!” Izuku hiccups, leaning more of his weight on Katsuki who takes all of it.

“I’m not fucking lying? You think I don’t love you? That he loves you more than I do?!”

Izuku shakes his head, burying his face in Katsukis shoulder. “You hate me!”
Katsuki clicks his tongue and grabs the back of Izukus collar, pulling on it to glare at him. He tugs it so Izuku is looking ag him with wide eyes, tears and snot running down his face. “I told you I fucking love you, believe me!”
To prove his point further, he presses their lips together, their faces bumping in inexperience, but fuck, this has to put the point across. “I fucking love you. So much more than /he/ ever could!” He points his finger accusingly at his empty doorway where Bakugo once stood.
Both of them stare in confusion at the sudden disappearance, still holding onto each other.

“Where did he go?” Izuku asks softly.

“Hopefully the fuckers gone,” he grunts, which makes Izuku smack his shoulder before realizing how close they are. What Kacchan just proclaimed to
him. It hits him late, but his whole body flushes in embarrassment. He wants to step back, but Kacchan still has his arms wrapped around him. Maybe it was a joke or something? Or Kacchan being mean?
“I meant what I said,” Katsuki scoffs, able to read those eyes like an open book. “I love you. More than anybody ever could, and I’m sorry about earlier, but fuck you. You can’t just replace me with him.”

“I never wanted to replace you,” Izuku mumbles, not able to meet the
blondes eyes. “He was just...”

“A replacement for me. Exactly.” Katsuki presses their lips together again, this time softer. “Look at me,” he breathes out, their lips brushing together.

Izuku peeks up at him through his lashes, blinking up at him prettily.
“I said I fucking love you, now say it back.”

Izuku can’t help but smile. That confession is just so... Kacchan. He wouldn’t want it any other way, even if it was nicer and bigger. This Kacchan is his.

“I love you too Kacchan.”
((the end !!! thank you so much for reading :) 💕💕💕 this idea really needed to get out of my head it was haunting me 😩))
katsuki walking into class the next day to find bkg still there cause the dude didn’t go back to his universe yet, he had just walked away during the confession to go get a snack:
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