There is no sight more awe-inspiring than a battered industry getting up, dusting its backside and going into battle. All businesses are chipping in, diverting Oxygen from steel & glass, upping their Medical-grade Oxygen capacity to 7000 tons per day.

Battered but never beaten.
India produced 2.19 million Metric Tons (MT) of Industrial Oxygen last year. Of this just 9,200 MT, or 0.004%, was exported.

52% of Industrial Oxygen is converted to Medical Oxygen. India produces 3200 MT of Medical Oxygen per day. We are upping this to 7000 MT.

Stop outraging.
After masks and vaccines, it is Oxygen that is saving lives. We produce 3200 MT per day, but looking at the second wave, we need to produce not just 7000 MT but 10,000 MT per day. All hands on deck.

My views on @TimesNow with @RShivshankar.
How this 10 Janpath kennel escapee @atti_cus became a journalist will forever be a mystery.

FOOL (to borrow @BharadwajSpeaks's epithet)! The exports were of Industrial oxygen. Report you were tweeting has been withdrawn & the portal apologised. Return for your biscuit now. WDTT
And as for this copper-plated fake news generating psycho @vidyakrishnan, all the Pantocid 40s in the world will not be able to neutralise the bile she produces every waking hour.

How the hell did such compromised unemployable illiterates become Health reporters? Mystery. WDTT
This chauthi-fail @atti_cus was also spreading this fake news and outraging. He was perturbed with my pointing out the export was of Industrial oxygen and too only 0.004% of our output. But even after the portal's apology, the turnip is unrepentant. WDTT
This is how their quorum sensing works. No comprehension, no understanding of what the data was for - to counter their fake news; but because one psycho tweeted some hate against me, the rest should amplify it.

This @MitaliLive works in @orfonline apparently. God help ORF. WDTT
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