We delivered 50 Khichdi Dabbas today. It was a Palak khichdi. Used the Matta rice which is easier to digest and was made in ghee so that it is mild on the stomach. Our initial plan was to give food to policemen on duty & ambulance drivers. #Update (1)
On our way to Sasoon Hospital we have to policemen and to rag pickers. As we reached Sasoon compound we realized the family members of the patient been treated at Sasoon also needs food desperately. #Update (2)
The family members of the patients are usually found in & around this place. From tomorrow we are also providing food to these families in Sasoon & other govt hospitals in Pune. #Update (3)
We have decided to include these families for our Khichdi Dabbas as well. I know it is a Herculean task but what doesn’t challenge us doesn’t make us strong. I promised Dad to be stronger each day. #Update (4)
We use paper containers because they are healthy & food grade. We also tried to give bottled mineral water because that was also a dire need due to the weather. Every person sent tons & tons of blessings for all who are supporting us. I have no words to express. #Update (5)
One of the ambulance drivers came to me and said these drivers are earning 3 times more than normal times more than us these people who are waiting to hear from the patient need the love of so many people. Please give our food to them. #Update (6)
When a Khichdi Dabba is delivered I tell them my extended family which is all of you are supporting this initiative all which ever means have sent this for you. On giving the Dabba and saying the same he said tell each one Dhanyabad. No one cares for me. #Update (7)
I can’t thank each one of you. We will be going 100 Dabbas from tomorrow. Hopefully the numbers will grow as our family is growing. Keep sending your best wishes & blessings. #Update (8)
*I can’t thank enough. - correction
Day 2 :Jikoni Seva
This is the second pot of Khichdi for today’s distribution for today.We are serving 150 Khichdi Dabbas today. It is a Amaranth Khichdi.We are distributing to families of patients in govt hos, ambulance drivers & our brave men in uniform.Thanks for supporting.
We are packing love ! Thank you for supporting us. #JikoniSeva
We are on the road ! We are doing 150 Khichdi Dabbas. #Pune #JikoniSeva
Feeding Punekars who are hit by #COVIDEmergency. He is a cobbler on Baner Road he walks from Pimple Nikkalh everyday to open his shop midst this pandemic. He says thank you to all who are supporting us. (11) #JikoniSeva #Pune
See the smiles. It is spreading because of you all. Thank you !! (12)
You are bringing smiles to them. I found him walking all over the city looking for work. I can’t thank all of you enough.
Day 2 (13) – bei Sassoon
Day 2 More smiles (14) – bei Sassoon
We make Khichdi interesting!! We distributed 150 Dabbas today. It has given to people who are living inside and also families of patients at Sasoon Hospital. No one should sleep hungry ! #COVIDEmergency #Pune
Day 2 : We have given Happiness Dabbas to 150 people in Pune city today. Our drive from Baner to Sasoon Hospital saw about 50 odd people sitting at the bus stands, footpaths & roadsides. We have them the Happiness Dabba which each one you is supporting. (16)
Day 2 :We are calling our Khichdi Dabbas Happiness Dabbas from today. Every time I hand over the Dabba every one around us is happy. See the police man also rejoicing that a hungry man is fed. You all to be thanked. (17)
Day 2 : Bubbles of Happiness (18)
Day 2 : Pandurang Kaka wore his traditional cap when he took the Happiness Dabba. He said send a nice pic of mine to all who are supporting to make food available to us. (19)
Yesterday we got a call from Mohammedwadi from a family of 3 members about food. Since we were returning late for Sasoon Hospital for the second round of Happiness Dabbas o had to ask a friend of ours to make food and send them. (20)
The friend of who sent the food to this family are observing Ramzan fasts and they happily cooked food for a family and sent across. Please don’t divide us on religion. We, the people of this country stands UNITED in love. (21)
Day 3 : The Happiness Dabbas will be Chana Khichdi today ! We are aiming to serve 200 people today in Pune. Covering any police man anyone we find is hungry on our way to go to hospital. (22) #HappinessDabbas #Pune #CovidCare
Day 3: We adding a few more Dabbas. Also distributing dry ration to people. Masks & sanitizers will also be distributed today. Bottled water added for anyone looking for water in hospitals. Thank you for helping us to do this. Am grateful !! (23)
Faces behind the Happiness Dabbas. (24)
Chana Khichdi in today’s Happiness Dabbas. (25)
Chana Khichdi, it has mashed beet root, Chana, Matta rice and ghee. We make Khichdi interesting! (26)
We are doing 300 today ! Thank you for all who have supported. (27)
Day 3
Homeless near court. Not eaten since 2 days #HappinessDabba
Day 3 They said thank you to each one who are supporting (29)
She is Radha. She comes to Station Chowk opposite Ambedkar Bhavan. She explained why we should wear a mask (30)
Day 3 (31)
Day 3 : The water bottles go quicker than food Dabbas. Every one looks forward to clean water. (32)
Day 3 This is the second day we found him at the same place. He offered us 20 rupees to support this initiative. He has nothing but still gives all he has. (33)
Time for updates & lots of stories from today’s Happiness Dabba distribution. Who wants to listen ? (34)
Day 4 : Today we are distributing Green Khichdi with lots of green vegetables. We are doing 310 of Happiness Dabbas for Punekars. (35)
Day 4 : Happinesses Dabbas. We use food grade paper containers for our Khichdi. Your love should reach them safely. We are thank ful to all who are supporting us. (36)
@AvadhootBhatye is our Happiness Soldier going to deliver Happiness Dabbas today. (37)
Day 4 Remember Pandurang Kaka today he was with his better half. They know hot meal will be delivered to them. They said thank you to each one of you. They walk to Baner Road from Pimple NILAKH every day to look for work. (38)
Day 4 Radha today !she said a big thank in you to all of you! (39)
Day 4 More smiles which you all bring to them. (40)
Day 4 : Aditya’s smile inspite his Aai been sick. He inspires me. Isn’t it a Happiness Dabba? (41)
Day 4 We salute our men & women in uniform for guiding us in such times. (42)
Day 4 We are spreading more smiles (43)
Day 4 We are on the ground ! (44)
Day 4 Third around (45)
The family that eats together grows together. (46)
These women work tirelessly to keep Sasoon Hospital clean. They were delivered Happiness Dabbas as well today. We salute them ! (47)
He traveled from Latur. He was hesitant that we might not serve him. He says thank you to each one of you. (48)
They wait for us. (49)
We did 810 Dabbas by the end of 4th day ! Happy? Happiness Soldiers? (50)
We convey that you all care for them. They send back blessings & a big thank you! The auto rickshaw bhaiya saw is for 3 days and on the 4th day he helped distributing Happiness Dabbas. His auto is seen in the picture. (51)
Our Happiness Family at Sasson. The guy in blue T-shirt is Kamble. He tells us who has eaten or who is hungry. He says give it the one who has not gotten anything since morning. Touching stories from the ground. (52) – bei Sassoon
Day 5 Our Happiness Soldier @AvadhootBhatye is armoured with N95
Day 5 We are on the ground ! More update later. #HappinessDabba
The kids have sent message for you all (55) #HappinessDabba
4 days ago we had an idea -to deliver happiness. One way of doing that was to pack a good meal in - #HappinessDabba. We are overjoyed to see Anusaya Khandaglea daily labourer, enjoy 1000 th dabba. Grateful we can do this for our community.Thanks all for support. (56)
Everyday we look for these kids & guess what they also look for us😀.The man in blue shirt is Aditya- A cook who used to work in a small eatery.He insists that we try his noodles. #HappinessDabba makes great connections. Grateful we can do this for our community. (57)
These are the Happiness Dabbas and there is the 1000th Dabba on Day 5th ! (58)
Day 6 We are going strong! (59)
Day 6
Pandurang Kaka said he can’t believe that you are still sending him food. There is no work because of lockdown but he doesn’t go hungry. Thank you everyone!! It is gratifying. (60)
As our team was ready to sign off, we got information - 50 people still hungry at Sasson Hospital. The Team didn’t need any more information. We are preparing our 4 th batch for the day and we are happy that our 500 dabbas made people happy today. (61)
Guys you made sure that Wasim doesn’t sleep hungry. We are on the road today at night as well. The other team has left for Sasson (62)
Day 6 : We did a Sambar flavoured Khichdi today. There are veggies, lentils, Matta rice, ghee and all spices which makes the person eating it feels it is sent from a “home”. (63) #HappinessDabba
We complete 7th day of Happiness Dabba today! We have Matar Paneer & Ghee Rice. Anyone who wants to eat please DM / call on 9359176814 me. #HappinessDabba (64)
Meet Akshay he runs a dairy which supplied us panner for today’s Happiness Dabbas. When he saw the cause he said he would like to cut the panner as his seva. He delivers around Baner and his number is 9011456161. (65)
Our youngest Happiness Soldier ! He helped us packing the Dabbas. (66)
Day 7 We had Ghee Bhaat & Matar Panner. Our family at Sasson says a big thank you:)
Day 7 The security personnel at Sasson has sent a message for all of you. His team get hot food because of all of you. #HappinessDabba
Day 7 He was reluctant to take the Dabba saying give it to the needy. I can still work and earn my living. These people hardly have customers each day. He smiled and said thank you ! #HappinessDabba
More stories from the ground about #HappinessDabba coming soon! Hope you like us bringing back some stories of Happiness & love from the ground? #HappinessDabba #Pune
Day 8 He has encourages us each day. I had tears of joy listening him
We had a request from one family-To
Give few chapatis instead of our tasty khichdi.
Our team got on to the job and made some different dabbas.4/6 chapatis and thick daal made 30 people happy.
Grateful for the support of all friends and family (72)
In addition to our dabbas we are also spreading awareness about use of masks.When we got to distribute masks today one policeman volunteered to
Help us.
Grateful to Pune Police for their support (73)
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