Did you behave with selflessness, integrity, objectivity, accountability, openness, honesty & leadership when you had sex on your sofa in your marital home with your mistress you helped get money & lied about it?

Boris Johnson: "Yes" 🤦‍♂️

#TorySleaze #ToryLiars #DowningStreet
Here is @paulwaugh's question about Jennifer Arcuri..

..Boris Johnson answered one word


The PM seems to have had the first ever affair with honesty & integrity 🤔

#TorySleaze #ToryCronyism #ToryCorruption #ToryLies #ToryHypocrisy #ToryShambles
Do you think Boris Johnson is telling you the truth about your country?

He lied to you about Covid, Brexit, Jennifer Arcuri, Dominic Cummings, Tory Donors, Free School Meals, migrants, a little boy in hospital (when he stole the reporter's phone) & hid in a fridge🤔

When he wasn't having an affair with Jennifer Arcuri, he was busy promoting conservative policies of being tough on Crime by actually STEALING a reporter's phone while lying about #BrexitDisaster, attacking @jeremycorbyn & @NicolaSturgeon🤦‍♂️
Whatever your politics, Left, Right or Centre

..on May 6th vote #AnyoneButTory

The Conservatives are taking our money

They are liars

They have no honour

They are #TorySleaze and our children deserve better

Our parents deserve better

We deserve better

Jennifer Arcuri isn't just a bit in the side for Johnson.. her best friend was Milo Yiannopoulos.

He was an editor of Steve Bannon's Far Right Breitbart News.

Steve Bannon was the CEO of Cambridge Analytica, sister company of AIQ.

Who Dominic Cummings employed to "hack" #EURef
Steve Bannon on video saying he "talked to Boris Johnson all weekend" about his speeches.

This is someone so Far Right even Donald Trump fired him 🤦‍♂️

Someone who called for the beheading of the director of the FBI 😮

#GTTO #BrexitDisaster #BrexitRiots
So we have LeaveEU with white supremacist Steve Bannon's employee at their press conference

AIQ (sister to Cambridge Analytica) working with Vote Leave

Boris Johnson, Leave campaign & "Hacker House" Jennifer Arcuri friends with White supremacist Bannon employee

Arcuri is White Supremacist linked. #JohnsonMustGo. Cambridge Analytica hacked our democracy and put him in #DowningStreet

There are many of us, all working independently. Today I will launch http://GOV2.UK 

It's time to unite and fight for #Democracy

AC12 - Assemble!
The 60 Second version of how to Hack a Referendum.. (from when we tried Petitions and they didn't work)

#JohnsonMustGo from Downing Street

Act now 👉 @GOV2UK
Boris Johnson even lies to you about his name.

Arcuri called him 'Alexander the Great'. Downing Street and his family call him Alex, because its his name.

His real name is Alex.

Alexander Boris de Pfeffel Johnson.

Friends call him Alex.

You are not his friend


Steve Bannon was the *VP* of Cambridge Analytica

That's the company that stole 87 million Facebook accounts and worked on the Leave campaign

They were emailed by Arron Banks of LeaveEU. AggregateIQ worked on the PM's VoteLeave #Brexit campaign.

Here are the emails
MI5 were 100% right, word for word..

#JohnsonMustGo https://twitter.com/lloydhardy/status/1381854242848268294?s=19
Whatever your politics, Left, Right or Centre

On May 6th vote #AnyoneButConservative

The Conservatives are led by a gangster who plans to get journalist's ribs cracked

Ask some REAL Prime Minister's Questions

They are #ToryCriminals

We deserve better http://GOV2.UK 
Oh and that £2.6M press room you paid for?

Used once and scrapped

That's enough to pay 104 new #NHS nurses

If they help save 25 people's lives in a year each..

..that's 2,600 loved ones who will die because Boris Johnson and the #Conservatives are vain https://www.bbc.co.uk/news/uk-politics-56818750
Here's Steve Bannon - the guy who works on Boris Johnson's speeches with him

..calling for the Director of the FBI to be beheaded 🤷‍♂️

#JohnsonMustGo #GTTO #ToryCorruption #ToryBrexitDisaster #ToryCriminals #TorySleeze #TorySleaze #ToryLies #ToryCriminals
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