@PMOIndia @narendramodi @MamataOfficial Good Afternoon, I am a 12 year old child, I have two cousin sisters, one is 12 and one is 8. Her parents are both COVID positive, my aunt is in my home quarantine, but my uncle, he is admitted in the Gouri Devi Hospital, Durgapur, WB.
The doctors have written the prescription of remdesivir but it is not available anywhere around. We even checked in nearby states. He tested positive for corad 5 and if things don’t happen quick, I don’t want to see the funeral of my uncle.
At least for the sake of my cousins, and my aunt. Ab bass Apka he Sahara hai, I don’t want to lose my relatives in this COVID. Meri Mausi meri do behnon ko Kaise khileaegi, PMO plz do something,
There is no remdesivir in the hospital, plz provide remdesivir, atleast mere behin ke liye, mere mausaji ka case serious hai. Poora parivar positive hai. Plz provide remdesivir. PMO OF INDIA, NARENDRA MODI plz help and plz West Bengal CM MAMATA BANARJEE plz help.
plz help! Is Bacche ke pukar sun lijiye Modi Ji. Plz help! Plz help! Provide remdesivir for the sake of two kids, for two small cousin sisters, for a healthy life.
Mujhe jada kuch toh pata nahin hai leking bas meri behnon ke papa Bach Jaiyen aur meri behnen anath hone set Bach jayein. Plz help Modi Uncle.
I have opened the dm.
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