This is a thorough(and entertaining!) debunking of the “PC wars” of the late 80s and early 90s. Turns out so many of the “PC out of control” stories from that era were either fabricated, grossly exaggerated, or ridiculously one-sided.
I did a thread on this a while back about my experience as a college student back then.
Those you who lived through the PC moral panic of the early 90s will recognize many of the iconic stories that get debunked in that podcast. But what really hit me was the extent to which the bullshit PC scare was promoted by the supposedly "liberal media."
My experience, as someone who attended one of those supposedly "PC out of control" colleges, was that none of the articles I read at the time, even in "liberal" outlets, squared w/ my experience of campus life. It all read like reactionary middle aged white guy hysteria.
Take for example, this 1991 WaPo piece on D'Souza. Most non-reactionaries familiar with the campuses he described in "Illiberal Education" knew the book was hysterical BS. But for a hot minute, DD was the toast of the "liberal media."
What happened in the 1980s and 1990s is that the mainstream media accepted the right wing's BS claim that they "had a liberal bias," and so that legacy media bent over backwards to treat right wing charlatans like D'Souza with kid gloves, thereby normalizing their foolishness.
In 1992 Pat Buchanan gave a brownshirt-style speech at the RNC convention. Charles Krauthammer and Bill Buckley both called Pat a "fascist." What did the "liberal media" do? They hired Pat as a "conservative" talking head for years!
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