Got a list of 50 hospitals in Pune

calling them up 1 by 1

15 done, nothing clicked but got one finally

Rainbow hospital Tapkir chowk, kalewadi, Pune :- 9511223623

(2 beds available) (verified it myself just now on call)

Now calling the rest 35 , will post if anything clicks
Please note - i mean oxygen bed , sorry forgot to write in first tweet.
Siddhi hospital, near siddheshwar highschool, dighi, Pune :- 7722030304.

(beds available - general 2 beds, o2 (oxygen) beds not available) (verified it myself on call just now)
Please note i posted above siddhi hospital one as the trackers show as o2 beds are available but they are not

also general beds number shown in tracker is wrong , that's why posted
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