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Izuku's eyes snapped open, and he groaned in annoyance. This was the /fifth/ time tonight.

Katsuki shifted beside him, faint snores turning into a whine when the omega attempted to escape his arms.

"Bathroom," Izuku mumbled, prying those sweaty hands off his swollen stomach.
The Alpha yawned, eyes still closed as he lifted his head from the pillow. "Need help?"

"Nah, I got this," Izuku whispered, grunting a little as he pulled himself upright. "Go back to sleep. You have patrol in the morning."

"I'd rather stay here all day with you," he grumbled.
Izuku's heart fluttered as he watched Katsuki's head fall back on the pillow, lips twisting into a sleepy pout. He gently carded through those blond locks, scenting him. The Alpha released a rumbling purr of content and nuzzled into his palm.

Soon, Katsuki fell back asleep.
The omega waddled into the hall, cursing softly at the pain on his lower back and the way his swollen feet hurt with every step.

The twins were very active tonight, kicking his bladder around like a soccer ball, clearly impatient to get out into the world.

It won't be long now.
He was due in a week, and tomorrow would be Katsuki's last day at work before his paternal leave began.

Then it'd be just the two of them in their home, anxiously waiting for the arrival of their pups.

As he settled down on the toilet, Izuku looked back on the last six months.
Katsuki had been dead serious about courting him. It was plenty disorienting (and a little frightening) at first.

The Alpha gave up his bedroom for Izuku's new nest. He thought Katsuki would insist they sleep together, but he was surprisingly respectful of Izuku's boundaries.
He cleaned up Izuku's old room where he slept & began to repair the walls and broken furniture on his days off.

He even built new stuff, & Izuku's omega shamelessly salivated at the sight of a sweaty Alpha expertly assembling two cradles for their pups & a rocking chair for him.
It definitely didn't help Izuku's self-imposed abstinence from sex w/ the blond until he figured his feelings out.

Then Katsuki showered Izuku w/ courting gifts. Literally. The omega came home from a check-up one day & found the hall leading up to his room filled w/ packages.
Izuku opened one & was greeted by a blast of roasted marshmallows. The realization that Katsuki had scented every single one of his gifts made something warm pool in his swollen gut.

He took them all into his new nest, & slept well for the first time since becoming pregnant.
And it didn't stop there.

His favorite bath salts never seemed to run out. He found every single weird food item he craved stocked in their pantry or fridge. The apartment was always immaculately clean.

Every item in his broken hero collection was either restored or replaced.
Izuku gasped when he found the limited edition All Might Bronze Age figurine propped up beside his breakfast bento. He couldn't believe Katsuki found another one in such pristine condition. There were only a 100 ever made!

Then he saw the faded kanji on the left sole and wept.
That's when he checked the other rare items in his restored collection, those he knew should be impossible to find, & confirmed his suspicions.

Katsuki had given up /his/ personal collection. For him.

When the blond came home from work, Izuku nearly punched him in the face.
"Are you crazy?" Izuku accused. "These are too important to give away!"

But the Alpha merely rolled his eyes & flicked Izuku's forehead. "Shitty nerd," he grinned. "Get with the program already. You're obviously more important to me than anything else in this goddamn world."
Izuku was five months pregnant back then. Katsuki had been courting him relentlessly for two months, but that was the first time it truly began to sink in.

"Oh my god," he gasped. "Kacchan really loves me."

"Damn right I do!" the blond yelled all the way from the kitchen.

Izuku snapped out of his daydreams, and found Katsuki leaning against the the bathroom door.

"What the fuck's taking you so long? You've been peeing for like, 17 minutes."

"You timed me?" Izuku joked.

"The bed was getting cold," the blond huffed, rubbing his eyes.
Izuku relaxed against Katsuki as the Alpha's strong, warm arms circled his belly.

"I should just call in sick," Katsuki muttered.

"Kacchan," Izuku chided.

"I have a cold," he added with a hilariously fake cough. "See? I'm critical. Gotta stay at home & rest for a year."
Izuku couldn't help but laugh at how adorable and unfiltered Kacchan was when he was half-asleep. "Let's go back to bed, you goof."

And after they slipped back under the duvet, Izuku's mind wandered to the events that led to that precise moment.
He thought back on how things progressed slowly between them, like a tide building up before the inevitable crash of a wave.

Katsuki patiently broke down his walls w/ words & actions, weeding out doubt before it could take root, reminding him over & over how much he was loved.
Until one night, woken up by the urge to pee, Izuku stumbled upon Katsuki curled right outside his door. That's when he discovered that the Alpha slept there nearly every night since they stopped having sex.

"I'm scared you'd be gone when I wake up," Katsuki confessed.
That was the night, Izuku welcomed the blond back into his bed.

They didn't do more than simply cuddle, but since then, something unfamiliar blossomed inside the omega's chest. He couldn't put a name to the feeling, but it grew stronger each time he woke up in the blond's arms.
Katsuki kept talking to the pups and encouraged Izuku to do the same. It felt silly at first, but then he started getting into it, reading comics and quirk analysis blogs to them whenever he could.

He'd see Katsuki on the news and tell his pups just how amazing their sire was.
These soft moments grew, from movie marathons in their living room, to picnics in the park and dates in hero-themed cafes.

Their "first" kiss happened just a month ago, on Katsuki's birthday. They were slow-dancing out on the balcony, their bodies relaxed against each other.
And Katsuki whispered "I love you" against his ear. Short and simple, the way he usually did each night before they slept.

But the strange feelings building in the omega's chest for months finally overflowed, and Izuku leaned forward, closing the gap between their lips.
He didn't say the words, still unsure if he /loved/ the Alpha back. But Izuku knew he /wanted/ Katsuki.

Wanted him more than a childhood friend or hero partner.

Wanted more nights like that one, dancing under the moonlight, stealing each other's breath through a searing kiss.
"What's holding you back?" Ochako asked as they walked into the mall. Izuku asked her and Momo to help him shop for last-minute baby stuff while Katsuki was at work. "It's not like he won't return your feelings. He's madly in love with you."

Izuku sighed. "That's the problem."
"I'm terrified of breaking his heart," he admitted.

"His love was at 100% straight off the bat while here I am, not even sure if what I feel is due to hormones and instincts, or if they're actually /real/. What if my feelings disappear after the pups are born? What then?"
"You're overthinking this," Ochako huffed. "I know Momo and I are Betas, but trust us when we say no hormone or primal instinct can fabricate love. For your pups, maybe. But for your Alpha? Impossible."

"He's not /my/ Alpha," Izuku protested, earning an eyeroll from both girls.
"He's not!"

"Sure he isn't," Ochako drawled while Momo tried to hide an amused smile. "He just feeds you and pampers you and sleep with you. Oh, and he scents you /all the time./ I mean, I can't even remember how you normally smell like because Bakugou's scent is all over you."
Izuku blushed hard at that statement. He didn't want to admit that it was /him/ who asked Katsuki to scent all of his clothes, so he wouldn't feel lonely whenever the blond was at work.

For as long as he could remember, the smell of burnt caramel spelled safety and comfort.
But before he could snap back at his meddlesome friends, a deafening explosion knocks him off his feet, and his head hits the ground, /hard/.

The last thing he saw before passing out was the silhouette of something huge crashing into the mall's roof.
Katsuki took down the villain pretty easily, which pissed him off more considering the destruction the bastard had caused.

He bombed his old office building out of revenge for being unjustly fired. And the resulting explosion caused the top half to fall onto the adjacent mall.
They got lucky that the building was empty since it was a Sunday, but the mall had been full of civilians. Katsuki clenched his teeth.

He couldn't shake off a bad feeling.

"Bro, we're needed over there!"

"Give me a minute!" He snapped, taking out his phone.
Izuku's phone was out of service.

Katsuki cursed & tried again three more times, the dread growing at each failed attempt to reach his mate.

Maybe he forgot to charge his phone & fell asleep? He's been doing that a lot lately. And he'd tell Katsuki if he was going out. Right?
He was halfway ready to abandon the rescue effort and march back home when a sharp, crackling feedback suddenly cut through his comms.

"The hell?" A nearby hero loudly commented, and others looked confused as they tapped their own earpieces.

Katsuki's heart was pounding, and he hurriedly fiddled with the settings, searching for the best channel to hear the new transmission.

"This is pro-hero Creati requesting immediate assistance!" A frantic voice emerged. "We are trapped in the mall with a pregnant omega in labor!"
Katsuki spotted Todoroki & Iida in the crowd, identical looks of horror on their faces.

"To anyone receiving this, we need priority evacuation!" Creati repeated. "Prohero Uravity is keeping our surroundings stable for now, but she's injured & can't hold up the debris for long!"
The transmission was interrupted by the scream of an omega in pain. His Alpha roared, recognizing its mate. Katsuki's vision tunneled, and everything faded to the background.

Deku. Pups. Deku. Pups. Deku.

"Bro!" A heavy hand smacked him. "Get a grip! You can't go feral now!"
"My mate and pups are buried under a thousand tons of concrete!" Katsuki snarled, baring his fangs.

"We know!" Kirishima countered grimly. "But they need you calm and rational, not trying to bite our heads off." His voice dropped, pleading. "C'mon Kats. Snap out of it already."
"You're the smartest guy I know. If there's someone who can figure out how to save them, it would be you. So you can either stay feral & get locked up or you can bring your family back home."

His words swept the mad red haze right off his mind. Katsuki felt his fangs receding.
"Attaboy!" The redhead cheered, punching his arm. "We're here to help. Just tell us what you want to do & we'll make it happen!"

Katsuki looked past his shoulder. He found his pack & the nerd's squad staring back determinedly.

"Okay." He took a deep breath. "Let's fucking go."
Izuku screamed as another contraction attacked him. He's experienced a lot of pain in his life but nothing compared to this. He'd rather break his arm again than go through another contraction.

He couldn't tell how long they've been down there. Minutes? Hours? Who knew?
But in the midst of all the pain and fear, all Izuku could think of was Katsuki.

Did Kacchan know? Did he get Momo's transmission? Or was he out there, doing his job as a hero, thinking Izuku and his pups were safe at home?

What would happen to Kacchan if they didn't survive?
"Hold on, okay?" Momo murmured, fiddling w/ the radio she used. "I'll make this receive transmissions too so that we could talk to people outside."

"Kacchan," he croaked. "I want to see my Alpha again."

"You will," Ochako grunted, growing paler by the second. "I promise."
Izuku wanted to believe her. But he heard the way her voice cracked and wavered and he just /knew/ that there was no escaping this.

She was at her limit. The second she falters, a building's worth of debris would collapse on them.

This was going to be his and his pups' graves.
Nine months ago he would've welcomed this. Everything had felt so dark and hopeless that death seemed like a good reprieve. He didn't care about his pups back then. He didn't care about /anything./

Then Katsuki started to court him. And Izuku's world found light again.
Oh god, what would Katsuki do w/ all the baby stuff?

They finished painting the nursery last week. He remembered how happy he was then. They argued over the palette. Katsuki painted dicks on his belly & hurriedly erased them when Izuku threatened to send him to the couch.
The Dynamight baby line was discontinued. They asked Momo to customize various hero onesies for the pups. Katsuki wanted them all to be Dynamight or Deku, but Izuku wanted a variety of heroes represented.

The Shouto-inspired onesie mysteriously disappeared from the pile though.
They planned to discuss names that wk. Izuku had a whole notebook of options, while his Alpha scoffed, claiming to have the perfect names for their pups. He wouldn't tell Izuku though.

Now he'll never know.

"I'm sorry," he sobbed, hands curling over his stomach. "I'm so sorry."
He couldn't figure out a way through this. None of his quirks would help, & if he tried anything, he might end up hurting the pups.

Ochako coughed & the surrounding debris shook & inched closer. Momo cursed.

Suddenly, the radio crackled to life.


"Oh thank fuck," the blond sighed from the other end of the line. "Just hang in there babe, I'm coming to get you, okay?"

Something inside Izuku broke.

"Kacchan," he whimpered. "Kacchan, I'm scared."

There was a pause before Katsuki softly replied:

"Me too."
"I'm fucking terrified," he continued. "The love of my life & my kids are buried alive--how can I not be shitting my pants right now?"

There was a sharp intake of breath. "But I can't focus on that. I won't. Because I'm a hero--I'm /your/ hero.

And I'll never fail you again."
Izuku squeezed his eyes shut, but that did nothing to stop the torrent of tears from flowing out.

Kacchan was coming.

He was going to take them home.

"O-okay," the omega sniveled.

"Just behave for now, firecrackers," Katsuki crooned. "Don't come out til Papa gets there."
Izuku chuckled at that, but then another contraction came. The intervals between then were getting shorter. He tore his lip to stifle his scream.

"Deku, remember those embarrasing Lamaze classes we took?"

Izuku snorted. "Where the lady in front of us won't stop farting?"
"Bingo," he could hear the blond grinning. "Try out those breathing exercises we learned, yeah? They're supposed to help."

Izuku let out a shaky breath."Okay."

"I need to get off the line for a bit, okay?"

Panic seized Izuku's heart. "Wait!"

"I'll be back soon. Just hang on."
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Katsuki's jaw clenched as he nodded stiffly.

"Alright," Iida turned to their classmates. "Everyone get into position. Save as many civilians as you can, but as soon as anyone gets close to Creati's signal, tell Dynamight immediately."
The plan he made was risky but it had the greatest chances of success. In order to dig out the survivors without disturbing the debris, Katsuki had Todoroki freeze the whole damn thing.

But that made /hypothermia/ a new pressing concern.
"We have maybe an hour before people start freezing to death," Miruko clicked her tongue. "Newborn pups can't survive this temperature either. You better get them outta there before Deku delivers."

"I fucking know that," Katsuki seethed. "Just start digging for fuck's sake."
Jirou managed to find the weak spots of the structure, but there were only a handful of heroes who had the brute strength & destructive capacity to get through all those layers of ice & rock.

But Katsuki didn't give a shit. He'd single-handedly dig his family out if he had to.
He /needed/ to.

Because if this didn't work, if Katsuki found them all too late...

The Alpha violently shook his head. /No./ He wasn't even going to consider it.

There were only a handful of times in his life that Katsuki had failed.

This was /not/ going to be one of them.
So he fired explosion after explosion without taking a single break, ignoring the way his arms cramped & spasmed, or how his supposedly-fireproof gloves had melted off from the heat, leaving his hands raw with blistering second-degree burns.

Katsuki's head snapped towards Jirou's voice, who then pointed at her earpiece. The look on her face made him pause & immediately turn his comms back on.

The sound of Izuku's screams flooded his mind.

"We're out of time!" Creati shouted in the background. "He's giving birth!"
"Can't he hold out a bit longer?" Kirishima barked into the line. "We're almost there!"

"It'll be dangerous," a nearby paramedic replied. "If he keeps on resisting the contractions, his uterus could rupture and he'd bleed to death before you reach him. He has to deliver now."
"But the pups won't survive the cold!" Mina protested.

"I can make them heated blankets," Creati offered, struggling to be heard over the omega's whimpers and desperate pleas for the pain to stop.

He kept calling for Katsuki.

"Kacchan!" Izuku wailed. "Kacchan, it hurts!"
"I know baby, I'm so sorry," Katsuki answered hoarsely, his throat growing tight. "I'll be with you soon, but you gotta start pushing, okay?"

"I-I can't," Izuku sobbed.

"Yes, you can," the blond crooned, wishing that he could send calming pheromones through. "You know why?"
"Because you're the most stubborn, reckless shitnerd I've ever had the pleasure of loving," he declared, uncaring that this was an open frequency & everyone w/ a radio could hear him.

"You are & will always be Hero /Deku/--this era's Symbol of Hope, the one who saves to win."
"Being an Omega should've never mattered. You're the strongest person I know, the one person I admire more than All Might." Izuku's breath hitched.

"Fuck the commission & all those sexist assholes. Go and be our pups' first hero, Izuku."

"Take a deep breath, and /push/"
Katsuki returned to work, renewed by the sound Izuku's determined grunts as he pushed as hard as he could. "I can see the head!” Creati announced.

The next contraction came and the omega screamed his loudest, but his voice was cut off by the shrill sound of a baby’s first cry.
"She's okay!"

Several of the heroes paused to cheer, but Katsuki quickly snapped at them to shut up & keep digging.

His Alpha keened approvingly at the sound of his first pup's fitful cries. They were loud, demanding, /powerful/. A firecracker through and through.

"Sorry?" Creati clarified after Izuku suddenly grew silent. "What did you say, Bakugou-san?"

"Her name is Katsumi."

At that, the exhausted omega laughed in clear delight. "It's perfect, Kacchan," he sniffed. "Our little victorious beauty."
"Of course it's perfect," the Alpha preened. "Now let's get Hisami out to join his sister."


"Yeah, it's your name's kanji and mine mixed together," Katsuki snorted. "Got a problem with that, nerd?"

"No, you dork," Izuku giggled between labored breaths. "I love it."
The next contractions resumed, and Katsuki found himself counting the seconds between each one.

They were making good headway through the debris. Based on Jirou's estimations, he was on the right track to his mate and pups, though there was still a lot of shit to go through.
Izuku's next contraction came, and the tail end of his scream harmonized w/ the sound of a shrill cry as the last of their pups took his first breath.

Katsuki's knees nearly buckled in relief.

"Kacchan," Izuku whispered past the noise of everyone else's cheers. "Take us home."
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The birth of the twins somehow cast a spell over the rest of the heroes, w/ all the alphas, betas, & omegas reacting to the joint cries of two newborn pups spilling out of their comms.

The rescue effort tripled, everyone spurred by the instinct to save & protect.
Katsuki pummeled the debris w/ blast after blast moving like a man possessed. He was nearly feral, but his movements were focused & controlled, guided by a singular purpose.

Here was an Alpha, a /father/ determined to get his family back home. God help anyone who got in his way.
And finally, /finally/, one last punch through a layer of frozen rock released an unmistakable milky citrus scent into the air, followed by faint cries no longer coming from his earpiece.

"Bakugou!" He found Cheeks grinning up at him. "About time, lover boy!"

"Where's Deku?"
"He's over here!" Creati called him. He tracked her voice to a small grove lit by battery powered light.

Izuku was lying in the middle of a makeshift nest made out of heated blankets, two crying bundles clutched tightly in his arms.

"Careful," she warned. "He's gone feral."
Katsuki nodded and slipped into the hole he blasted through. As he drew closer, the smell of fresh blood invaded his senses. A low growl emerged from the feral omega, green eyes glowing dangerously in the dark. OFA sparked randomly all over Izuku's body as he held his pups close.
Katsuki released calming pheromones and knelt in front of his mate, hands raised placatingly.

"Such a good omega, protecting his pups," he purred, inching closer. He could see his fangs receding. "It's okay now," he hummed as the other man began to relax. "I'm here. I got you."
"Kacchan?" Izuku blinked slowly, snapping out of his feral state. He stared at Katsuki for a good ten seconds before breaking down once again.

The Alpha immediately closed the distance between them, rushing to hold his sobbing mate and pups in his arms.


"I love you."
Katsuki's snapped his head back in shock.


But Izuku chose that exact moment to doze off against his chest, his soft snores lulling the twins to sleep.

"Hey bro, you good?" Kirishima called from above.

"Yeah," Katsuki replied, holding back a smile. "Yeah, we're good."
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Izuku woke up to the smell of roasted marshmallows.

He grimaced at the white ceiling, the harsh fluorescent light burning holes through his retinas.

All seemed so familiar. The sound of a heart monitor, a throbbing on his head, his body aching all over.
It were as Izuku was still a hero and the last nine months had been some drawn out, hyper-realistic fever dream.

Except, when he turned his head, he found Katsuki on the bed beside him, propped up by pillows as he cradled their pups with heavily bandaged arms.
The soft look on the blond's face made Izuku's heart literally skip a beat. It reflected on the monitor, drawing Katsuki's eyes towards him

"Hi," Izuku greeted shyly.

"Hi?" Katsuki echoed in disbelief. "That's all you can say, you little shit? It's been a whole fucking week!"
The omega gasped. "What?" He winced at the sharp pain in his temple when he sat up too abruptly.

Katsuki clicked his tongue. "Cheeks said you hit your head pretty hard. There was some brain swelling and" his voice dropped. "And you wouldn't fucking wake up after we got you out."
Katsuki averted his gaze, but Izuku could smell hints of distress coming off the Alpha. "They had to crack your skull open to relieve the pressure," he continued.

"But even after that long-ass brain surgery, they still told me there was a chance you wouldn't ever wake up."
The sleeping pups stirred restlessly in their sire's arms. Izuku released his pheromones, hoping to ease the shadows in the blond's eyes.

Katsuki looked like he hasn't slept in a week.

"I'm awake," he purred. cursing the distance between their beds. "I'm right here, Kacchan."
The blond pulled their pups closer to his face & inhaled deeply. The acrid scent of a forest on fire began to fade away.

"Shitty nerd still trying to leave me behind," he grumbled against Katsumi's hair. "Stupid, reckless, pretty omega."

Izuku longed to kiss those pouting lips.
"I'm sorry," he smiled, carefully pulling himself upright. His legs were a bit wobbly, but they were markedly less swollen and painful compared to the past week.

He limped toward's the other bed.

"Oi," Katsuki growled in warning. "Stop moving around you idiot--"

"I love you."
Katsuki's mouth fell open.

"I remember saying it before I passed out." Izuku put down the rail guard & sat facing the blond. "It wasn't an adrenaline or hormone-induced thing. I meant it then and I mean it now. And I'll mean it for the rest of my life.

I love you, Katsuki."
The space between their faces was bridged a second later, and Izuku didn't comment on the tears that stained his cheeks even if his own eyes were dry.

They kissed each other breathlessly, short pecks, smiling through a press of lips, tongues tease but never prodding too deep.
It was light & exultant, and Izuku couldn't help but giggle into the kiss, while the blond tried to capture each delighted sound w/ his lips.

Loving Kacchan made sense.

It felt so /right/ so /inevitable/ that Izuku couldn't remember why he was so conflicted in the first place.
They only broke apart when the twins started to make a fuss in Katsuki's arms.

Identical green eyes blinked curiously at both of them.

"They look like you," Izuku sighed.

"They look like skinned potatoes boiled twice," Katsuki deadpanned.

The omega gasped. "How dare you!"
They spent the rest of the day like that, squeezed in one hospital bed, and talking to their pups.

Katsuki told Izuku about the media shitshow that went down while he was asleep. Apparently, the whole damn city had been tuned in on Creati's frequency and overheard /everything/.
Mobs formed in front of the Hero Commission office, protesting the laws against Omegas. Even the heroes they hired to disperse the crowd soon declared "fuck it" & joined the protest.

Ochako's & Shouto's efforts to rally support from various agencies & politicians bore fruit.
All media channels covered the issue. Debates were launched. Petitions signed & raised to the senate.

Tenya's meticulous research on progressive Omegan laws in other countries was distributed to agencies & lawyers all over the country, using it as fuel to power their cause.
The highly popular Bakusquad, who'd been nurturing the Omegan agenda in their respective fanbases since the start of Izuku's pregnancy, became an unstoppable force that formed the backbone of their movement.

What Izuku had thought was a lost cause wasn't so hopeless after all.
"The pack pulled through," Katsuki grinned, proudly showing Izuku pics & clips of their friends speaking in rallies, doing interviews, risking their very careers to bring Hero Deku back to the world.

The omega barely got through half of it, his vision clouded by fresh tears.
They both knew it was going to be a long fight ahead. Japan was steeped in century-old legislation that heavily discriminated against Omegas.

But simply knowing that people wanted Izuku back, that he wasn't going to be cast aside like a used ragdoll, was enough for now.
He looked down at the two pups sleeping against his and Katsuki's chests, then glanced at his Alpha who had dozed off beside him, with his head resting on Izuku's shoulder.

He didn't want to dwell on "what if's" and wonder what he would change if given the chance to start over.
No, he was going to focus on the "now" and in a future filled w/ screaming blondes making a mess of their home.

He'll focus on learning how to cook so his pups won't end up resenting him

He'll focus on nights held by warm arms & on mornings walking up to his Alpha's sleepy grin
He was still, at his core, a hero who wanted to save the world w/ a smile.

But he was a mother now too. He had pups waiting for him to tuck them in bed each night. He had a mate who loved him and couldn't wait to hold him in his arms.

Yes, Izuku was still going to be a hero.
But he was going to be a different kind of hero this time.

Someone smarter. More resourceful. Less reckless.

Because he can't break bones w/ careless abandon anymore. Can't keep thoughtlessly sacrificing himself anymore.

Not when he had a family waiting for him to come home.
"I love you," Izuku whispered as his own lids grew heavy with sleep. "I love you all so much."

He heard his pups purr and Katsuki mutter the words back, but whether those were real or from the beginnings of a dream didn't matter.

They were still gonna be there when he woke up.
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