Since most people are having UK holidays this year I thought I'd start a thread of some cabins we've stayed in (with illustrations obvs, I'm not a travel agency). I'll try and post one a day...
Firstly, PODLIFE! A super @Airbnb in Ironbridge, Shropshire. There's 2 pods in a field, good fun for 2 little groups or 1 big one. You can walk to Ironbridge, a great little town, nice pubs, a good industrial history, and walks in the Shropshire Hills!
Cabin(s) recommendation today is the wonderful FForest near Cardigan, Wales. They have all sorts from bell tents to beautiful little stone lofts. It's a real idyllic retreat with a wildlife reserve next door, a tiny pub and big shared breakfasts!

Here's another @airbnb recommendation for UK holidays, a brilliant tin shed on a working farm in Herefordshire, perfect for walking in the Malvern Hills. I'd say it's more of a couple's retreat but we took our son too and it was awesome!

@Airbnb_uk 👉
Another UK holiday recommendation for the thread... Here's a really super @Airbnb near the Wye Valley and Forest of Dean, while you're there go up Symonds Yat for peregrine falcons and book a day canoeing, great family adventures y'all.
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