A decade before WWII, trans culture and trans existence was deemed a threat. Propaganda was used to paint us as “converting youths to unclean lifestyles”. Sound familiar to “corrupting our children”?

This is happening now. They won’t stop here. Do something. https://twitter.com/AlexPetrovnia/status/1352425088323362819
50,000 people liked the thread this is quoting. Countless numbers reached out to tell me I touched them by writing it.
If any of my work has ever meant anything to you, now is the time to fight like hell. There’s no more time for bystanders. https://twitter.com/alexpetrovnia/status/1352418425663008768?s=21
Talk to other cis people about what’s going on. You can use my posts to explain. You can do your best to explain on your own. You can google the hundreds upon hundreds of guides desperate trans people have written for you. Speak. Up. Get other cis people to care.
Throw a fuss, work in your organizations. Try your damnedest to make politicians and corporations who supported these motions regret it. Make an example of them. These bills are feelers to see how far they can go without pushback. Give. Them. Pushback. Be an inconvenience. Resist
Support trans people right now. Show compassion. Send funds if you can. A lot of us are in precarious situations, mentally and physically, and are just trying to hold it together. Trans people add your need posts here.
There’s no more time for performative allyship. If every person who tweeted #TransRightsAreHumanRights took these steps, maybe I’d believe my life has value to them besides as a woke hashtag. #CisPeopleDoSomething to keep kids safe. Please. I don’t know what else to do.
Please. It won’t stop here. https://twitter.com/AlexPetrovnia/status/1352445171246526470
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