Global CO2 emissions are set to jump by 1.5 gigatonnes in 2021 – led by a rebound in coal demand mainly from the power sector.

It would be the 2nd largest rise in emissions ever. This economic recovery is anything but sustainable for our climate.

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Global coal demand is expected to rebound by 4.5% this year, taking it higher than in 2019 & close to its 2014 peak.

Coal's growth in 2021, driven by the power sector, is set to be 60% bigger than that of all renewables combined.

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Demand for fossil fuels is growing rapidly in 2021, with gas set to rise the most above its 2019 level.

Oil demand is also rebounding fast, but with the aviation sector still sluggish, it is set to stay below its 2019 peak.

Major policy changes are needed to alter these trends.
Good news: the growth of renewable power is accelerating, with solar & wind set for record increases

Renewable electricity is expected to grow by over 8% in 2021, providing most of the rise in global power supply. Almost half the growth comes from China, followed by the US & EU.
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