Meet @JaredLCarter (permanent ID 150677979), a "Cyber Security PhD" with a GAN-generated profile pic and a blue verification checkmark.

(GAN = "generative adversarial network", the AI technology behind the fake face pics generated by )

cc: @ZellaQuixote
This video shows the process of blending @JaredLCarter's profile pic with 9 pictures generated by , demonstrating that the major facial features (particularly the eyes) are in the exact same place, a fingerprint of unmodified GAN-generated face pics.
(more threads on the use of GAN-generated images and how to detect them here:
The @JaredLCarter account has been around since 2010, but appears to have deleted all tweets prior to 2020 (sadly, we found no archives). Based on existing replies, it tweeted at least 695 times between 2010 and 2017, and was likely dormant in 2018 and 2019.
Based on other accounts' tweets tagging @JaredLCarter, we believe that this account originally belonged to former @kcmotalkradio host/producer Jared Carter (who, per his LinkedIn, does not appear to be a "Cyber Security PhD", despite the claim on the account's current profile.)
The current incarnation of @JaredLCarter mostly tweets about cryptocurrency topics and anime. (Based on replies to its deleted tweets, the previous incarnation did not discuss these topics and mostly tweeted about the original account owner's radio show).
Update: the @JaredLCarter account described in this thread (ID 150677979) has self-deactivated, at least for now.
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